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Greg did something to the main home computer.   My laptop no longer links to the cable transmitter now, the icon for Linksys is flashing and broken.  So this is my only online connection.   Also, he did something to the monitor settings which I can NOT seem to undo.  Everything is teeny tiny.  Seriously...I can hardly see what I'm typing. 

Every weekend he spends each and every moment playing games on this thing, & I guess that'll have to be okay.  I mean it's sad , pathetic that he spent all day Saturday (which was BEAUTIFUL) playing games on a computer (12 hours at least, on Saturday alone) inside...but whatever.  I've tried begging and I've tried threatening, so I've given up & I just go do my own thing alone (or with Charlotte) and that just seems to be the way it'll have to be.

But HOLY CRAP.  I must use this computer for business.  I have maintenance to do, each day, on my Etsy site.  I have listings to make, orders to confirm, e-mail to's not like I'm just sitting here playing a game.  This is my JOB.  And today I can't do it.  The screen setting is giving me a headache and my brand new laptop has been rendered useless.

I have already bitched about this because it was messed up last night.  Apparently I did not bitch seriously enough.  This really really sucks...

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If bitching doesn't work it sounds like outright screaming may be the only option you have left. Or can you call someone to repair it and charge the repair to Greg somehow?

About the monitor settings...did you right click on the desktop? Right click, click 'Properties' and then click the 'Settings' tab. Then look at what the 'screen resolution' slider is set at. I have a wide screen monitor now, so I have it set at 1440 x 900, as high as it will go...which makes everything on the desktop tinier (the icons and everything shrink down.)

Slide it around and click 'apply' until you get the result you want.

Did you try that one already?

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Apparently, what I needed to do was bitch about it in LJ, because he just drove home from work to fix everything. "O_o"

Go figure.

I called him & had him talk me through the monitor thing (I did just what you described). It prolly sounds funny, I'm SO computer-stupid...but as long as no one messes with the settings everything works just fine. I turn on the box, click the pretty icon, & everything is ok...unless it's not.

Frankly HE is the one who needs a laptop if you ask me. I even offered to buy him one. He swears his freaking games are SOOOO powerful and NASA-space-station-like that a regular laptop just can't handle his gigantic game programs...which is why he monopolizes the home PC 90% of the time. I think if he had his own laptop just for games he could gunk it up all he wanted & leave this PC (my main work PC, since I can't get my old version of Photoshop to run on my Vista laptop) the heck alone.


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