I have nothing of any importance to report.   Just bits & pieces of random thoughts still clinging to the inside of my head.


   The Deadliest Catch was really poignant tonight (Tuesday night)...Greg & I both agree that the production was very nicely done because it was so potentially insensetive to cover a sinking fishing ship tragedy on the one hand & show the regular crews that they follow gleefully cheering big pots of crab.  Instead they balanced really heartbreaking clips of the survivors of the tragedy with clips of the various crew members & captains, talking about how they are affected when one of the fleet is lost. 

It made me cry, though, because the last thing they showed at the end of the episode was the doomed crew members on a happier day, in a home video, joking about how they could maybe die at sea & wouldn't it be funny if they ended up on "The Deadliest Catch"...

I love that TV show, but sometimes it breaks your heart.

   In other news; the weather is up & down.  It was cold and SO rainy today, which was good in a way 'cause it kept me inside & working.  I finished five masks today...all wolves and kitsune.  I seem to make a LOT of dog/canid masks, you know?  I just realized that.  I guess it's cool though because not many maskmakers do dogs & I have a huge collection of them.  It's good to have a niche I guess. 

   I'm getting much better at using my laptop.  That probably sounds funny to you, if you are a normal, computer-literate person.  I'm really inept though, so this is a good thing.

   My bike is sick!  One of my bikes, anyway.  My favorite bike; the Trek 700 hybrid I bought about 7 or 8 years ago.  I just love that bike.  A couple years ago I thought I wanted a newer & fancier hybrid, so I special-ordered a Trek 7500 (which I figured was about 6800 better than my old Trek, you know?), but that old 700 is still my favorite.

I've probably put thousands of miles on it, seriously.  All that hard riding caught up with it though & my rear wheel is totally roached.  Dick (the awesome old dude at the local bike shop...a great guy who has lost his wife of 40 years and beaten cancer in the last couple of years) was going to re-build it with a new rim, but he says the hub is pitted & bad so, I guess I need a new wheel. 

It probably sounds crazy to spend $180 on a new wheel for that old bike, when the bike cost $200 in the first place, but that old Trek is worth saving.  It can't be replaced because they don't even make that model anymore.  Hybrids have changed so much in the last 8 years (that 700 was one of the first ever) that the newer hybrid bikes hardly resemble that old style, & yet that's the style that suits me best.  So honestly, I'd pay twice that much to keep the old thing rolling. 

Besides, when[info]golden_meliades comes for a visit, I'll need both bikes to be in great condition so we can hit the trails together.  ^_^


From: [identity profile] ramblinsuze.livejournal.com

That's weird. I don't think DC taped for me tonight for some reason. (Oh, I see...I forgot that I couldn't get it to record automatically and picked out episodes by hand - fixed)

Did any of the guys on the sinking ship make it?

From: [identity profile] alexkrycek42.livejournal.com

Only 4 of the 11. The last two episodes have been really heart wrenching.

From: [identity profile] merimask.livejournal.com

Just four like Alex said. Two were never found at all. It was a really sad episode.

Of all the reality/docu-drama shows out there, Deadliest Catch is the best & I know it's because of these guys. They work so hard...you really do care about them. I think if the Time Bandit or Northwestern sank, I'd need therapy.

From: [identity profile] chibi-kaz.livejournal.com

if the Time Bandit or Northwestern sank

BITE YOUR TONGUE! Quick, go knock on some wood!!!

From: [identity profile] ramblinsuze.livejournal.com

Or bite the head off a halibut!

Damn, that's sad. It is truly one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Every week I'm amazed and what they do (and think that I wouldn't survive 5 minutes on one of those boats!).

From: [identity profile] alexkrycek42.livejournal.com

I cried too. I agree that they did a good job covering the Katmai along with the regular fleet and making it very respectful and poignant.

From: [identity profile] merimask.livejournal.com

That last bit with the home video...OMG. I don't think I've ever heard or seen anything so tragic on a TV show, 'cause it was Real. "Maybe we'll end up on 'Deadliest Catch'..." You poor bastards. :-(((

From: [identity profile] chibi-kaz.livejournal.com

We were glued to the TV through the entire episode. I found it interesting, how Corey told about his experience surviving a crabboat sinking to Phil's kids, on the Cornelia, as well. It DOES sort of remind viewers that despite the phenominal luck of the 4 main F/Vs on the show, this really is STILL the deadliest job. We also caught the rerun of the premier earlier in the season, and I think the Wizard has some problems we'll see later that are pretty freaking scary.

I found Sig's decision to NOT tell his crew pretty interesting as well.

From: [identity profile] merimask.livejournal.com

Did you notice...all through the episode they didn't show the Time Bandit once? I wonder why?

I thought Sig's response was really touching...he is SO careful with his crew. He works them hard but he also always takes care of them. He's proud too "...they're with ME" and he doesn't want anything to distract those guys. I heart Sig. :-)

From: [identity profile] alexkrycek42.livejournal.com

I heart Sig too! I find it interesting you like the same boats I do :3 I love the crew on the Time Bandit the most because they just make me laugh and seem like fun, but I like the professionalism and tight-knit family feel on the Northwestern.

A local Seattlite recently told me that Sig hangs out during off season at a little bar in a small Seattle burb called Ballard and I totally fangirled out and had to restrain myself from totally stalking him so I could squee about how great I think he and his boat are. Guy probably just wants a beer in peace! ;) Still though, its totally neat! :3

From: [identity profile] merimask.livejournal.com

OMG I would totally be there. With my "Shut up and fish" tee shirt on. I'd buy him a duckfart. ;-)

From: [identity profile] chibi-kaz.livejournal.com

There were some reaction shots of Johnathan, but that's about it. I'm sure, like you said, there wasn't a lot of the Time Bandit, because they're hard on the crab, and pretty happy about it. They might have become subdued after the news... but like Sig said, they need their minds on the job, and when they're hauling 60+ crab per pot.... the job is going awfully well... Plus, it's not really Johnathan's style to philosophize like Keith or Sig. He might not have had much to say.

From: [identity profile] merimask.livejournal.com

I think the tone of the show was perfect...it wasn't as energetic as it usually is. Very subdued and respectful, without a lot of happy noise over big numbers & not too much angsting over the business aspect. The producer and or director deserves an award for that episode.

From: [identity profile] madshutterbug.livejournal.com

I own a Raleigh International. Another model bike which is no longer being made. Bought it in '73. So yeah, right there with you. That Raleigh is my 'vintage British Sports Vehicle'. *G*

From: [identity profile] merimask.livejournal.com

I have an old Raleigh too! Probably the same year; my Dad bought it for me. It was my first "big girl" bike; a Raleigh Sports (which was what he called a "touring" bike...sort of like a cross between a road bike and a cruiser).

It has three speeds & still shifts like a dream (the old Sturmey Archer gears that you coast between...so smooth). It's in storage now but I love that old girl.

They just don't make bikes like that anymore.

From: [identity profile] rumdiculous.livejournal.com

DEADLIEST CATCH. I got so teary-eyed watching that episode last night. Omg. T_T

And, ooh! Your keychain arrived! Thank you. The dragon is so pretty. I keep wanting to put important keys on it, like...the tons of skeleton keys I have laying around. F the car keys.

From: [identity profile] merimask.livejournal.com

Yay! I'm glad you got your tiny perfect dragon. :-) I was pretty happy with the green shade I came up with; I added pthalo blue and silver to kelly green & that's what I got.

From: [identity profile] golden-meliades.livejournal.com

I've never heard of that show. But I avoid reality TV like poison so maybe I just never see the channels that it would be on?

Hey, I just looked up the Microtel and your place. Does 1.9 miles from one to the other sound accurate?

I rode a mountain bike for two seasons and this is my third on a road bike...never been on a hybrid...

From: [identity profile] golden-meliades.livejournal.com

PS: Looked up on google maps..directions from Microtel to your address...and they have photos of every twist and turn, including the final shot, which is of your house. Creepy! Now I have to go look up my house...

From: [identity profile] merimask.livejournal.com

Augh I know!! A couple friends & I spent a night GoogleEarth-ing our homes & it's SO creepy really. Plus, that image is a few years old (I know 'cause that's the year Greg used the wrong weed killer on the grass & our lawn looked like a war had been fought on it...& lost).

The neighborhood looks better now; we have new buildings on every corner! So lucky; once the Panera's moved in it changed the entire area.

From: [identity profile] golden-meliades.livejournal.com

My house isn't on it...nor anything where I live. I guess there's a lot more footage of US stuff.

From: [identity profile] merimask.livejournal.com

It's on the Discovery Channel. Less like reality TV & more like a documentary really...it's not contrived as far as I can see in the least.

Yes that's the Microtel! It's not fancy but it's rather new & clean & SO convenient. I was even considering going there with my camera & getting pics of a single room to send you...is that nerdy or what? ;-)

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