I have nothing of any importance to report.   Just bits & pieces of random thoughts still clinging to the inside of my head.


   The Deadliest Catch was really poignant tonight (Tuesday night)...Greg & I both agree that the production was very nicely done because it was so potentially insensetive to cover a sinking fishing ship tragedy on the one hand & show the regular crews that they follow gleefully cheering big pots of crab.  Instead they balanced really heartbreaking clips of the survivors of the tragedy with clips of the various crew members & captains, talking about how they are affected when one of the fleet is lost. 

It made me cry, though, because the last thing they showed at the end of the episode was the doomed crew members on a happier day, in a home video, joking about how they could maybe die at sea & wouldn't it be funny if they ended up on "The Deadliest Catch"...

I love that TV show, but sometimes it breaks your heart.

   In other news; the weather is up & down.  It was cold and SO rainy today, which was good in a way 'cause it kept me inside & working.  I finished five masks today...all wolves and kitsune.  I seem to make a LOT of dog/canid masks, you know?  I just realized that.  I guess it's cool though because not many maskmakers do dogs & I have a huge collection of them.  It's good to have a niche I guess. 

   I'm getting much better at using my laptop.  That probably sounds funny to you, if you are a normal, computer-literate person.  I'm really inept though, so this is a good thing.

   My bike is sick!  One of my bikes, anyway.  My favorite bike; the Trek 700 hybrid I bought about 7 or 8 years ago.  I just love that bike.  A couple years ago I thought I wanted a newer & fancier hybrid, so I special-ordered a Trek 7500 (which I figured was about 6800 better than my old Trek, you know?), but that old 700 is still my favorite.

I've probably put thousands of miles on it, seriously.  All that hard riding caught up with it though & my rear wheel is totally roached.  Dick (the awesome old dude at the local bike shop...a great guy who has lost his wife of 40 years and beaten cancer in the last couple of years) was going to re-build it with a new rim, but he says the hub is pitted & bad so, I guess I need a new wheel. 

It probably sounds crazy to spend $180 on a new wheel for that old bike, when the bike cost $200 in the first place, but that old Trek is worth saving.  It can't be replaced because they don't even make that model anymore.  Hybrids have changed so much in the last 8 years (that 700 was one of the first ever) that the newer hybrid bikes hardly resemble that old style, & yet that's the style that suits me best.  So honestly, I'd pay twice that much to keep the old thing rolling. 

Besides, when[info]golden_meliades comes for a visit, I'll need both bikes to be in great condition so we can hit the trails together.  ^_^


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