Thanks to the wonderful [ profile] kelkyag  , I now have a dreamwidth account!  Yay! 

It's all shiny and new in there.  I'm still figuring things out.  I did manage to import all my LJ entries though, so that's good because I definitely wanted a backup for all this WORK I've done here over the years.  Holy cow...hours and countless hours of writing, it's incredible really when you think about it.

So I made a new icon just for the occasion.   Change is good.

In other news; Charlotte had another rugby game on Sunday and this time I was there to document!  With the camera!  And they won!  All good things.  I warned her that it would all be in my LJ, and so it shall...but I still have to upload the photos into my photobucket account.  That's going to take time 'cause I want to crop everything & make it pretty, and I got distracted by the Dreamwidth Shiny.

Speaking of which; if you have a dreamwidth account too, go ahead & add me as a friend!  & let me know so's I can add you back.  I'm a little clueless in there.   As ever, I am "merimask".  I came up with that name on a whim, SO many years ago.  It was my very first e-mail address, created the first time I ever used a computer, and it's served me well.  I remember I created it with an eye towards picking something that not only characterized who I was but also what I did, and at the time I know I had it in the back of my head; "this will be a great name for my business, if I ever have a business". 

And now I do!  And so it is.

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