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So, these are the rules, apparently:
The So-Called Rules:
1. Reply to this post with 'Icons!', and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will - allegedly - create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

My icons, as chosen by[info]a_hollow_year ...
 "Fangirl" is really me, with really Makoto Nagano, and I am fangirling hard.  The story is long and awesome, but in a nutshell; I got to go to Japan last fall and see my favorite TV show Sasuke (Ninja Warrior) actually being filmed, and I got to meet my hero Makoto Nagano, who sort of changed my life...  Anyway the goofy grin says it all.  This is one of my most prized trophies from that trip (the other is his autograph because I am...heh...a fangirl).

 "Sexy Straps" was created for me by[info]rumdiculous, based on a conversation we had one night about how sexy Sephiroth is.  But all those straps!  Goodness.  If you had to have him right away, you just couldn't, on account of the straps.  You'd have to be very patient or very determined, or both.  This is why he is evil.

Haha...see, this is funny only if you play Final Fantasy.  Echo screen is the potion that you use against magic enemies so the can't cast spells on ya, because it shuts you TFU.  I use this icon when I go on and on and I sometimes do.

This is my faaaaavorite icon to use in the winter when it snows, which is often.  Also, I really love Christopher Walken secretly.  I do a terrible Walken imitation by the one knows who I'm doing when I do it, but I do it anyway.  I stoled this icon from[info]ramblinsuze(but it's ok 'cause she said I could).

 "Abel" is Abel Nightroad from the Trinity Blood anime.  It wasn't the best anime ever, to be honest, but Abel is one of my favorite anime guys ever because he's so tortured but good and funny/goofy but also tragic.  Anime guys are like that.  The level of their dimorphic nature and angst is directly proportional to how stupidly beautiful their hair is.  Also, goodness or badness is another physically apparent trait.  Long pretty hair + scar/missing limb = bad (or at least confused) exception to this would be Haji from Blood+.  Long pretty hair + cute eyeglasses = good (See Jin from Samurai Champloo and Abel up there).  It's not a hard and fast rule, but there does seem to be a fair amount of long pretty hair and scarring and small John Lennon eyeglasses in anime guys.

Oddly enough, I saw none of those things in Tokyo when I was there...  I sort of thought I might.  Guys with really long hair scare the hell out of the Japanese, according to a friend.  Go figure.

So that's how you play this reindeer game!  Anyone who responds with "Icons" and has icons will have to do this in their own LJ, once I pick your icons.    


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Hey...didn't know you were into Trinity Blood! I have all the volumes so far released in English...they are GORGEOUS. (Afaik, the anime is much changed from the manga...there seem to be several versions of Trinity Blood. Anyway, the manga is deranged and bloody and yet hilarious and cute...and BEAUTIFULLY drawn. I will take a picture of the art style if you want to see it...)

I am willing to explain any of my icons you want explained but not really willing to actually do the meme. I'm just not feelin' the 'glee'. I have very little interest in icons. I used to love them...used to have over 120 of I can't be bothered. I used to always choose my icon by mood for even comments (not just entries) but now I let my default take over.

Maybe if I made some new ones...

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PS: Guys with long hair tend to be the only ones I'm able to find sexy. Sexy at a distance, of course. Once they enter my physical space, not even long hair will move me.

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Greg has really long hair. The reality of guys with really long hair isn't as sexy as anime though. The hair gets in your mouth & up your nose when you snuggle...

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Yeah...but I never want to touch them anyway. I just like to look at the pretty ones. :)

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It's doesn't have to play. ;-) I do love many of your icons though, and I love the ones you made for me!

I try to pick mood icons & use them appropriately. I don't have any sad icons really, though. Or angry ones.

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Let me know if you ever need more. Like an SB icon or something. I swear there is a suitable SB image for ANY emotion...Nakamura-sensei is so good at drawing expressions.

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OMG...since you're offering...I would LOVE one in particular. You know in issue #8, toward the end Kyoko is POed at Moko 'cause Moko won't share her problems with her. So Kyoko is stomping, saying "SO I'M #2" and the words "fume fume" are around her head...

I'd LOVE an icon of that face she's making *which is hilarious but really angry) and the "fume fume" words around it. O my yes...that would be perfect for SO many situations. ^_^

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Meri's Fume Icon

I cleaned it up but didn't add anything...want any effects or colour or text applied?

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OMG...that is perfect! LOL!

I think I like it just the way it is. ^_^ Thanks so much!!!

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Somehow the times/prices of tickets have all changed in the last few days but I went ahead and ordered as close to we had agreed as possible without spending hundreds of dollars more than planned.

I emailed you a copy of what Air Canada sent me after I bought the tickets...the itinerary and so on...since it gave me that option. (To email it to anyone I wanted to.) Hope it's okay. It's AMAZING how much the Saturday schedule has changed in just a couple of days but I got it as close as I could.

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Oh what the hell... "Icons"!

I love this game, but keep having to find new people to play it with, because I don't really have that many icons.
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Heh. I'd play, but I have four icons and they're all screamingly obvious from the comments. :)

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You need more icons! That's why this is fun; you can check out other folks' stuff. :-)

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icons! I'd like to play :D

The eco screen made me laugh anyway!

As did the bit about long hair, scars, and glasses--though Kenshin is a good guy with long hair and a scar :D

I like long hair on guys, so long as they take care of it.

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But he might have been said to be a bad guy when he got the scar...depending on how you look at it. :)

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True! If not exactly bad, he certainly wasn't the lovable Kenshin that goes oro :D

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He sort of falls into the "confused" category, for me. He ends up being good though.

I think I've figured it out, a little. Having been in Japan (& I paid close attention, 'cause who knows when or if I'll ever get back?) I noticed that anything different REALLY sticks out like a sore thumb. People conform to a standard & they have it down to a fine art. Only kids and entertainers are expected to step out of the line. So, anything that makes you even a bit different (not-black hair, a scar, weird clothes) = exotic. It's no surprise that the anime is full of people with long red or white hair and scars and stuff like's so NOT Japanese

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I noticed that anything different REALLY sticks out like a sore thumb.

Indeed. A Japanese proverb says it all: The lone nail gets beaten down.

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You need more! But anyway, I always know when it's you 'cause you have the pretty colors.... ^_^