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([personal profile] merimask May. 8th, 2009 11:28 pm)

Oh dear.  I am swamped.  Swamped with orders, swamped by busy, swamped with family doings.


Greg is in California for his grandfather's funeral.  He'll be coming home late on Saturday.  My mom thinks I'm lonely or something...?  I'm NOT.  I was actually looking forward to catching up on some work around here.  Instead she's been here for...roughly 14 out of the last 24 hours.  Watching Judge Judy and other equally horrible reality/talk shows.  She turns on Fox news just so she can get really angry at it, and then share that anger with me.  *sigh*  I'm trying to be patient...trying, trying.

Anyway I fed her a ton of food (I made TWO big chickens on the grill outside and gave her one-and-a-half to take home) so hopefully it will be peaceful here all day Saturday and I can catch up on orders.  There are suddenly a LOT of orders.  This is good but also, bad because I have to drop the new mask I was working on to fill these orders, some of which are stressing me out. 

I shape my masks generically (I make that very clear.  One size fits most), but lately I'm getting these precise requests with measurements ( "my eyes are X distance apart and slant down a bit not up, also I have large cheekbones and a wide face, also my nose is rather flat...okay?").  My first instinct is to just throw up my hands and ignore the entire thing, but when the customer is willing to pay more, then I guess I ought to make the effort?

Thing is, no one wants to pay extra even when they are a pain in the ass so I really DO have to make a judgement call on whether it's worth that lousy $70 if I want to have customer X send me a diagram of his oddly-shaped face.  Frankly the only way to get a mask that fits your face perfectly is to BE here when I make it or send me a freaking plaster life cast of your face.  Otherwise it's generic, baby.

My inner magic eight ball is telling me to not bother and forget the damn order.  Sources say that this customer is OCD or something and will never be happy with this no matter how hard I try, so...yeah.  No.  Don't need that $70 that badly.  Just no. 

I'm heading off this drama at the pass!  Circle the wagons!   See how very good you are for me, LJ peeps?  Just writing about this situation has cleared my poor head.  I'm going to tell Customer X that maybe about this mask, not so much...thanks anyway.  Good luck!

Does this make me a prima donna?  Possibly.  I feel sort of prima donna-ish tonight.

In other news, I got my beloved old Trek back...$250 dollars later.  It has a rebuilt wheel, new gears and a new chain.  Whirrs along like a dream.  Escaping Judge Judy this afternoon I took it out for a quick 10 mile spin into an oncoming weather front.  25 MPH headwind and I chugged into it just fine on my shiny new/old bike.  I love that old is my savior on so many days.  ^_^

Mother's Day this weekend.  Never a happy day for me; I sort of hate it in fact.  Pet peeve.  Long story.  I'll be fine.  Meanwhile I have to get back to many things to make.

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