New masks!  Just finished this weekend.  

I'm calling it a "Persian Raven", 'cause it's my old Venetian raven mask pattern with new designs similar to my Persian mask.  It is probably not the final version.  I was going with "less is more" and restraining myself from adding too many elements, but I think it might need one more layer of color.

The blue version happened by accident; some black dye spilled in the wrong place (I was going to make two brown ones).  But, it turned out to be a happy accident 'cause I think I like the blue version even more than the brown.  That's why I think the brown might want and extra layer of color.  It's too monochromatic.  I mixed a metallic blue for this one, to add depth.

Anyway, these guys are up on Etsy, numbered one and two respectively.  Priced $10 below my final projected pricepoint of $120, because I'm still experimenting.

In other news, a piece of Charlotte's photography won a prize in the high school art show...and then her teacher bought it.

Her first sale!  So far her photography has been published in three newspapers and two magazines (all pictures of me, to accompany articles about my work), and now a sale!  She doesn't really talk about photography as much as she used to; this presidency has her thinking about civic service and political science more critically, as far as college is concerned.  Still, if she actually does decide to head towards a career in photography, I think she's off to a good start. 

Survivor ends tonight...who will win??  Survivor is my guilty pleasure.  I hate myself for loving that show.

Also, I have TWO Dreamwidth codes, for anyone who is interested in setting up an account there.  Just two, so they'll go to the first two people who speak up here and specifically ask for them.   FYI Dreamwidth is basically exactly like  LiveJournal, without the censorship.  Not that it matters to me 'cause I'm pretty G-rated, but I do appreciate a forum that still thinks the right to free speech is something worth preserving.
It's breezy and cool out, but eh...I think that despite the tummy bug I'm fighting, I'll go out for a long bike ride anyway.  Life is short and the sun is bright.

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