This is so cool; a website that uses face recognition to apply effects to your digital photos.  The dude who built it asked permission to use my masks as an effect & I said yes, because it is so cool.  Go see!

On a related note, I have been contacted by this band: Like A Storm.  They want to use my masks in a photo shoot.  I kind of like their music, so I think I'll say yes to that too. 

In other news, I woke up all stressed out because I had anxiety dreams that I was back in Japan and Getting Everything Wrong.  It's easy to do, in business situations in Japan.  I didn't eat right, I spoke out of turn, I corrected the boss, I missed a meeting, I fell asleep in a meeting, I got it All Wrong.  I crashed a wedding unintentionally (when I was blundering around looking for the meeting that I missed), I make the boss's wife cry, I cried, I insulted people.  All so, so wrong.

I have to imagine it was brought on by all the Skip Beat that I'm reading.  I am coming to love the manga, but each & every chapter reminds me intensely of my experience with Monster9 (which after all is an entertainment production company in Shibuya) and I find myself second-guessing every single thing I did or said in every situation.  Which is futile.  Which is why I'm working it all out in my sleep I guess.  What a freak I am.  :-/

Busy busy...I'm working around a beautiful day here, so a bike ride is in order above all other things.  After that dream, I need a bit of a brain scrubbing and nothing works quite as well as a 30 mile trail ride.  See ya!

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It sounds horrible. I think there's definitely such a thing as taking politeness too far. Good thing I have no intention of joining Japanese show-biz.

But hey, it's no wonder it took Ren 2 years before he could even debut.

It's beautiful here and I went out for an hour but I can't go out again, I'm exhausted! I just slept for over two hours and still can't wake up properly. A 30 mile trail would murder my back, unless it was all flat. 20 miles with a lot of hills is still my maximum, though I'm working on it.

Though you being in/near a city, all your trails are likely a bit flatter than the stuff here. Cities just usually are. *considers* Guess I'll see for myself. :)

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It was so cool, but very very stressful, working in Japan. There are about a thousand ways to unintentionally insult people, and the pecking order in the business world is unbelieveably restrictive and scary. I went around like I was walking on eggshells most of the time. That's not to say I wouldn't go back in a hot minute if I had the chance, but I'd stock up on some Xanax first. O_O"

I rarely do 30 miles all on one trail (at least not yet this year...the longest I've gone on one trail is 20 miles this season). I do enjoy a change in scenery, so I do 17 miles on one trail, and 10 on another, later. Or something like that. Like today, I did 13 miles on the Amherst creek trail, then home for some fruit and a bathroom break, then another 12 miles on the Grand Island trail. 25 altogether but it was easy.

Also, all the trails here are SUPER flat! You'll probably find them boring. Western NY was scraped clean by the glaciers and all the hills & mountains are way to the south of a lot of my beloved trails are old railroad routes and graded flat flat flat. Even the rural trails are flat.

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Stress cancels out any fun, for me...if I'm stressed, I'm totally miserable (and usually unconscious since stress kicks damage from previous attacks into high gear, along with fatigue, of course). That's actually one reason (one MAJOR reason) why I hate travel in general...and I've only gone places where people speak the same language as me. (I would NEVER go anywhere where I couldn't just speak English, the stress would be too overwhelming.)

Anyway...if your trails are flat, I can probably stop worrying about whether I can keep up or's the hills that hurt my back, and when I say hilly...well, I really mean it. For example, one road I go on...the entire road, until the end, is one huge hill, that bumps up five or six times and then has tiny flat sections between...basically you start out along the river, and by the time you reach the top of the street, you're at least a hundred feet above the river (it's gorgeous, though, I really love that road.) And of course, the River Road hills are HUGE...minimum fifty feet up in about two hundred feet. (These are all on the same route, my twenty mile one.) And let's not forget that even the less hilly parts are rolling. Really, I only spend about half an hour of a 90 minute ride on a truly flat section. (I really do have to go out of my way to stay on a flat trail...I can basically ride in a huge block around my house, perhaps five miles.)

I often wonder as I'm riding, thighs BURNING as I come up the end of River/Radtke, HOW the hell Meri does 30 miles of this when I KNOW I'm actually in pretty good biking condition and I'm wiped out by the time I get home. Anyway, that's a relief...flat really shouldn't be a problem, especially since your bikes aren't road bikes. :)
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The photosplash site has a filter up with your fire dragon mask, which is nifty. Are they going to post a credit & URL for you for that? There didn't seem to be much in the way of contact or credit information on their site at all.

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On the right, under the sample image of the guy wearing my mask, it says "dragon masks by Merimask" & there's a hyperlink to my Etsy site. That's all I asked him for. ^_^ "Merimask" is my incorporated business name, so it's just as good as my actual name & easier to search.

The site is fun! I messed around with a few pics in there. I wish he could do hats or something...wacky hats (or the Inauguration Giant Gray Bow) would be fun to mess with.
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So there is! It's only visible when that filter is enabled, at least on the main page, but that works. Okay. I won't be indignant at them. :)

I'm sure they could do hats -- it's probably just a question of getting permission for the pictures, the same as for your masks.

It's a nifty toy -- do you have any idea what they're planning to do with it? Is it just for fun, or a demo for a product in the works, or ...?

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I've heard the same from other people who have done business in Japan... The rules of etiquette are so strict! I think I would only go to Japan if accompanied by someone who knew the country well and had been there T____T I'd probably end up stressing out and crying before the end of it XD;;

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It's pretty scary really. I thought I knew a thing or two about the culture, but it turned out a little information was worse than none at all. I knew just enough to know when I was Getting It Wrong.

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That is very cool!! (both the face recognition website thing and the band request)..*is proud of you*

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We shall see how the band thing's all up in the air still. If I had a dime for all the times something cool fizzled out, I'd have...a few dollars at least! ;-)

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