This is so cool; a website that uses face recognition to apply effects to your digital photos.  The dude who built it asked permission to use my masks as an effect & I said yes, because it is so cool.  Go see!

On a related note, I have been contacted by this band: Like A Storm.  They want to use my masks in a photo shoot.  I kind of like their music, so I think I'll say yes to that too. 

In other news, I woke up all stressed out because I had anxiety dreams that I was back in Japan and Getting Everything Wrong.  It's easy to do, in business situations in Japan.  I didn't eat right, I spoke out of turn, I corrected the boss, I missed a meeting, I fell asleep in a meeting, I got it All Wrong.  I crashed a wedding unintentionally (when I was blundering around looking for the meeting that I missed), I make the boss's wife cry, I cried, I insulted people.  All so, so wrong.

I have to imagine it was brought on by all the Skip Beat that I'm reading.  I am coming to love the manga, but each & every chapter reminds me intensely of my experience with Monster9 (which after all is an entertainment production company in Shibuya) and I find myself second-guessing every single thing I did or said in every situation.  Which is futile.  Which is why I'm working it all out in my sleep I guess.  What a freak I am.  :-/

Busy busy...I'm working around a beautiful day here, so a bike ride is in order above all other things.  After that dream, I need a bit of a brain scrubbing and nothing works quite as well as a 30 mile trail ride.  See ya!

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