I'm approaching a landmark number; 3,000 watchers/faves for my Etsy shop.  That's pretty incredible.  ^_^

In celebration, a mask.  Not a new design, but my most popular mask.  I guess it could be considered my "signature" mask.

My "stormwolf" is something I came up with over a decade ago.  It's been through so many permutations.  I just finished this one last night and decided to update my pictures...

The new pictures are so much better!  I had to replace the old pics on my Etsy site...not that they haven't served me well.  I think I've sold fifty of these wolves on Etsy alone.

My Dad loved this mask (even in its infant form, which was so much rougher than what I do now).  He said he loved the neutral tones, and the painting technique, and that the eyes had a "blasted" look about them.  That's what I was always going for; a wolf that's scary not because it looks fierce but because it looks haunted.  I even whitened the muzzle to add to the impression that this is a very old creature.
So yes...if you haven't "faved" my shop, go do it!  Maybe you'll get to be "number 3000". 

From: [personal profile] paper_sparrow

Hello stranger.

That was sweet of you to add me back, but good bizness too, because I am agonizing over how to justify spending $165 for your lion mask. That is a very reasonable price for the exquisiteness of your artistry. Your masks are wonderful.

Please don't feel you have to read my journal to be polite or anything like that. I think this new blog of mine is going to be somewhat cranky and a wee bit foul with the bad words and I understand if that puts people off. I hope not to be boring, but thats an unavoidable hazard of blogging.

From: (Anonymous)

Well I was 2990, which is pretty close and it has a zero at the end so I'm happy. :p

I love the detailed look of this mask, the silvery bits really add something to it!

From: [identity profile] merimask.livejournal.com

Hee! Thanks. ^_^ And I'm glad you like the mask. Sometimes I get tired of making it, but really it is such a special design. I'll probably always make these.

From: [identity profile] a-hollow-year.livejournal.com

So elaborate. I love the fine detail work you put into this mask. Of course I always love your wolf masks, but this one seems ex-specially fine.

From: [identity profile] merimask.livejournal.com

I think this was the first really advanced design I ever did (with a cool painting technique and cut out bits and a wrap-around design). It's changed a bit & gotten better over the years, but I remember how impressed Dad was when he first saw it. I think I remember him saying something like "Now you're really on to something here..."

So it's extra special for me too. ^_^

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