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([personal profile] merimask May. 22nd, 2009 09:15 am)
Big News Of The Day: I seem to have had another piece selected as a Daily Deviation over on DeviantArt.  It's my Fighting Bettas mask.  I'm up to over a thousand views already!  I sent my thank-yous and now nothing's left but to sit back and watch the fun...OMG I LOVE getting featured!!  *is a spoiled brat artist*  

I stayed up last night, working on masks (I finished a new version of that Persian Raven mask & yep, my instincts were right; it needed an extra layer of color), and then I played the MOST BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GAME.  It is called "Flower" and I think you can only buy it from the Playstation Network (see?  See how ebil?  I knew the minute I figured out how to get into that online store that I'd be in huge huge trouble).

Anyway, "Flower" is possibly the most gorgeous little game I have ever played.  In my life.  Yes...I'm even including "Okami"'s just a lovely piece of video game art.  Basically, you are the wind and you can only control two things in the game; direction and speed.  PS3 uses a tilting-action-detection in their controllers, so all you do is press X to speed up and tilt to direct your breezy self.  It sounds ridiculously simple but the landscape and music and "theme" of this game transcends anything you've ever experienced.

As you blow over each flower, it bursts open with a musical note, which adds to the gorgeous orchestral soundtrack (white flowers chime, pink flowers burst open with a choral note, which is intense if there is a cluster of them).  So, you build music all around you as you progress.  Also, everything is set in motion by you; pollen swirls, fireflies dance, grass blades bend and wave.  And, as you bloom the meadows, the meadow gets more intensely beautiful and's like you bring everything to life.

It's a lovely little story too; you are really the "dream" of a series of potted flowers.  Each flower has a different dream.  Some are pastoral, some are sad (about ecological disaster), the last is just pure fantastic triumph of nature over human discord...SO beautiful.  The first "dream" is the most natural; just a beautiful meadow and at the end, a cherry tree blossoms.  I was laughing and crying after only a few seconds of swirling over the grasses.  Seriously; it's so perfectly beautiful that it moved me to tears.

I just wish I could share it with all of you!!  If you have PS3, go get this game online.  It's not a huge commitment (I think it costs less than $10) and the game only lasts an hour or two, but I promise you've never played anything like it. 

I hope you all have a great day!  Me, I'm off for a sunny bike ride (it's 70 and hardly any wind...a perfect biking day).  *smooch*

From: [identity profile]

Thanks! My second one! This was even better than the last one, too. I got a crazy number of hits & faves. ^_^

From: [identity profile]

Thank you. ^_^

Oh my yes, the game is so beautiful and so zen. You can play for a few minutes or just blow around for hours. I wish I could show you a clip or something...the music is astounding.

From: [identity profile]

The game sounds sooooo beautiful..I've never wished I owned a PS3. Until now..

From: [identity profile]

Thank you, dear!

And yes, "Flower" is absolutely unique and gorgeous. It's more like a work of art than a video game.

From: [identity profile]

The count was 5003 today just a minute ago - awesome. The mask is pretty awesome too.

Too afraid to get a game system. I'd be on it all the time and nothing would get done at my house. During a housesitting gig a few years ago I played on their system and got hooked. Hate when they go on sale....they call my name.

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I was a crazy huge number of hits and faves. My last DD was the Fire got something like 700 faves and 4,000 hits. The Betta mask got over 1200 faves and 7,000 hits. HUGE difference. I wonder why? Maybe 'cause I was newer to DA before & people are taking me more seriously now? They were both cool masks. Hmm...

Oh my yes, games are dangerous unless you are good at pacing yourself. I use them to unwind so I know when to quit. ^_^

From: [identity profile]

If you get one someday (and I think the price is going down already) it is the coolest thing ever. There must be over 400 games you can buy right off of your TV...incredible!

Of course it's very dangerous for my bank balance so I'm trying to ignore all the shiny games.

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