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( Jan. 4th, 2009 02:30 pm)

Everyone has been listing New Year's resolutions in their LJ entries.  I can't think of a single one.  I'm constantly challenging myself to improve in almost every aspect of my list that would be an ongoing project and not a special once-a-year thing, and so I won't bother.

I guess if I could make one new promise to myself, I'd ask myself not to get so upset about situations that are beyond my control.  Still, that's just my nature and so tightly woven into who I am...I can't seem to separate myself from my own tendency to want to "fix" things.  Even when things aren't fixable.  It's like the way I drive a car; I always make a turn signal even when no one is on the road besides me.  That way, I never have to make a judgement call about whether or not to use a turn signal because it's something I automatically do.  Of course, sometimes that means I make signals for no reason at all.  *shrug*

I have had a productive, dragon-filled weekend.

Isn't he pretty?  Another Asian Flame dragon.  I added whiskers to this one 'cause he's a gift & needs to be extra-special.

Been making a lot of gifts lately, to thank key people from last year's adventures.  Perhaps that is my way of greeting the new year; remembering to thank people for my exceptional 2008.  I'm a little sad to see it go actually; could I ever possibly top such an incredibly magical series of events?    When you reach the top of the mountain, all roads forward seem to travel down, a bit (before they head back up again).

I'm measuring the potential of 2009 in the masks I've signed '09 on so far this year; every one is a spectacular piece and every one is a gift.  Perhaps that bodes well...?  I'm also taking heart in the "Year Of The Ox" thing; fortitude and hard work seem to be good things to aspire to.

Well, anyway.  Here's to 2009.  I'm channeling my inner ox.


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