Oh boy, was my workspace ever a mess!  I was using craft paper to cover my desk, and it would get all ripped up and ugly in a hurry.  Plus, clutter everwhere.

So!  I re-papered the desk and then used a peel & stick plastic to seal the paper, which is so much smarter than what I used to do.   See?

Better.  You can see the masks I'm working on, there.  Anyway I finished those this morning.  Remember my "Harlequin Romance" masks from last year?  They're back for Valentine's Day. 

Romance! )
Greg and Charlotte are funny.  One of the Christmas gifts we got from family far away; a ceramic notice board.  You write on it with a special marker...you can wipe the board clean for new messages.  I put it next to the fridge, so they could write a list there of things we might need (I do the grocery shopping & I never know when they might want something special.

Instead, they are using it for utilitarian haiku.  Greg writes:
Bills, when I pay them
It's like winning a game show
about being mugged

Char's response beneath:

It seems bittersweet,
this sense of satisfaction
from winning...but not.

I am living with clowns and machiavellian housepets. 



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