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( Jan. 12th, 2009 06:40 am)
Oh no, it is going to get COLD here this week!  It's about 15 degrees outside right now and guess what?  That's what will pass for a high temperature this week.  On Thursday the high temp is supposed to be 2.'s so lovely in the summertime; the sun sets at 9:30 PM and it's warm and 80-ish for most of the summer and the lake moderates the temperatures and blunts the force of storms (so we never get tornadoes or scary stuff like that) and it's just plain glorious.  The flipside?  Well, I'm living on the flipside of all that right now.  *sigh*  Three more months...just three more months.  By April I'll be on the bike trails again.

In the meantime I'm keeping myself super busy!

Another "Harlequin Romance" mask.   You know...I actually really like doing them!

Masks & movies.. )

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