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( Jan. 27th, 2009 01:28 pm)
First of all, I want to thank everyone who read my last entry (Charlotte's essay about her day in Hiroshima)...I let Char read everyone's comments and she was really touched and grateful.   She's so insecure about her writing, so it meant a lot to her and myself as well...thank you thank you.  ^_^

Today I got pretty things in the mail.  New pendant from this artisan on Etsy.  I love it!

I used this picture of me wearing it to show you how HUGE it is...but I really love that because it makes a statement. 

pretty things made with our hands... )
I used to balk at being called a "crafter" & I still diminishes my art.  However, I've recently come to terms with the label "artisan" and I really like feels right to me.  More than an artist, it sounds to me like who I am; a person who makes things with her hands.  I think all of us on Etsy are artisans.  It's funny that we all make our living in such an anachronistic way, & yet modern technology has allowed us to blossom & prosper in a way none of us could before.  We sit in our homes in our little studios & make pretty things with our hands for the world to's quite beautiful if you think about it.  Such an honest living in these dishonest times!    Go visit Etsy and support an artisan!  ^_^


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