Oh I am in a foul mood.  Not sleeping has something to do with it.  The ten inches of snow we're getting today has something to do with it.  Charlotte lost her phone last night at a varsity basketball game...that factors in there somewhere.  I'm living with two very sloppy people who are happiest when they see me cleaning up after them, apparently...that certainly adds to the fun.

One one thousand.  Two one thousand.  Three one thousand...sometimes, counting slowly helps but today, not so much. 

Umm.  I did manage to finish a few masks last night/this morning.  This is the neatest of the bunch; my promised Green Man, with ancient bronze-look paint.
I tried something new...[livejournal.com profile] moko_moko 's pictures of some lovely bronze lions reminded me that real old bronze ages very dark, so I darkened up the green a lot on this one, & added a black finishing wash to the whole thing.  S'pretty.

Shiny.  I have this mask up in Etsy right now.  It'll be interesting to see how it does.

Oh...I am really not done venting just yet.  Feel free to ignore this.

Fuming, venting... )
*sigh*  It's snowing like CRAZY out there.  I need a vacation. 


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