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( Jan. 29th, 2009 09:22 am)
Okay...I managed six uninterrupted hours of sleep (which for me is GREAT, I hardly ever do that) and I'm feeling much better.   Sorry for ranting yesterday.  :-/  I was a grumpy gus to be sure.   Things got resolved to a certain degree; I didn't scream but I did complain enough to be heard (I hope) and also, Charlotte's phone was found at the Rec center.  So yay for small victories.  Bictoly!

I think I better get tested because I have all the signs of being iron deficient again.  *sigh*  No fun at all.

Anyhoo, things are continuing to look up, career-wise.  DeviantArt just posted an article/interview with me!  It's such a very cool interview too, all about the "Tsuru" mask but also about my methods & motivations...really it was a great Q & A.  Go look!!

Another online magazine is doing a feature, too (I just got their letter of interest today...see how PR pays off?).  It should be out in a month or so...I'll link you when it happens.

I am working on two masks...nearly finished them last night.  They couldn't be more different.   One is a very elegant dragon; the color combination on this one is going to be striking, I can tell already.  The other is...well.  Let's just say that when you wear it, you'll be absolutely adorable and utterly without dignity.  There's no way to look fierce in a sea otter mask.

More soon!   

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( Jan. 29th, 2009 05:03 pm)
SO happy with this dragon.  Of all the many versions & color combinations I've done, this one is my favorite.

I inlaid a blue paua shell cabochon in the forehead...just a tiny one but very blue against those gold flames.  I tried to match the vibrant blue of the paua with my own mixture of cobalt & pthalo blue and silver acrylic paint (Liquitex in case you care).  Drybrushed by hand over the black scales...I think it really worked.

It's up in Etsy already.

I'm pretty darn pleased with this one, I have to say.  ^__^

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