I think I've been working too much, perhaps.  Everything is upsetting me today.

The news is upsetting; the stimulus plan hopes to create five to six million jobs by the end of the year (that's an optimistic estimate) but I just saw on CNN that 600,000 new applications for unemployment were opened last week.  Over half a million people fresh out of work...in one week.  That scares the heck out of me.

The child is upsetting; Char told me yesterday that she thinks I love the dog more than I love her.  I can't tell if she really meant it or she was just trying to hurt me for some reason, but it still stings.  The dog, at least, never tries to make me cry.  

Friends are upsetting; I don't know why but my online social connections are all screwy & angsty & sad lately.  This is troubling because I am SO isolated between work & the weather that all my friendships are online.  & everyone is too grumpy to be nice.   Well...not everyone, but you know what I mean.

Winter is upsetting; today was supposed to be a bit warmer than yesterday.  Instead, the cold front has stalled out right over our heads, so we have another day of single digit temps.  I cranked the heat & still I'm freezing.

So.  I'm going on strike.  I did a load of dishes & a load of laundry.  I cleaned the cat box.  I made a few barrettes for my etsy shop...and that will have to be enough, today.  I'm putting on some big warm sweatpants and a big fluffy sweater & I'm going to play video games all day, I've decided.  I haven't played any games at all since I opened my Etsy shop over a year ago (yes truly!  I know in my DevArt profile I mentioned some games 'cause I used to play those all the time, but really I haven't touched any in over a year).  Greg bought me Ratchett & Clank games for our PS3, which is over a year old & I've never used it once.  Today I will remedy that situation.

If anyone wants me I'll be curled up on the couch, playing R&C.

EDIT:  Okay so I entered a contest on Etsy  (art submissions of holiday-themed pieces...I thought my Harlequin Romance masks were perfect for that).  And later I have to hop on & buy some darn Main Showcase spots 'cause they sell out in mere minutes & they only go for sale once every two weeks.  But that will be IT.  *doesn't know how to truly relax*

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