Again, today is better.  I am up & down so much lately!  Sleep helps & so do friends.  Thank you for cheering me up yesterday f-list!  I was in a foul foul mood but you all helped & isn't that what friends are for?

Good things listed in bullet point format 'cause I like it like that.

*Ratchet & Clank is still stupid & easy fun.  Shooting stuff & collecting clinky clanky jingly bolts helps a bad mood go 'way every time.  Video games as therapy...what an awesome idea!

* Buying soap & good-smelly stuff online is made of win!  I'll link you if the items turn out to be awesome (I suspect they will).

*Getting good advice from online friends is great.  Being able to give good advice is also great.  It feels like contributing to a greater community spirit; instant online Karma.  If flame wars spread unhappiness, then this is the opposite of that.  There ought to be a word for it.

On a personal note, yesterday I was contacted by a photographer who worked with me YEARS ago, when an article about me & my masks ran in a local newspaper.  Well, she hung on to my card (because, cleverly, I sent her a gift after that article ran & my card was attached to it!)...the same paper (which is VERY widely distributed now) wants to use my masks for a cover photo for their Mardi Gras week issue.   A full page cover photo!!  I'll get credit & a mention inside, with my Etsy shop address.  This could be awesome!  & boom, it just fell out of nowhere.

It's like another reminder of the lesson I learned last year; good things will happen when you reach out with a positive, giving heart.  See?  There it goes again!   It's amazing...   

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