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( Feb. 9th, 2009 11:37 pm)

I'm only slightly sidetracked by video games lately (finished the newest Ratchet & Clank game this weekend already)...somehow I managed to make another swan mask.

It's up in Etsy.

I like it because aside from being a pretty cool swan, it also makes a pretty interestingly-shaped mask.  All the feathers splayed out in a spray...kinda neat.  Made me think of my fish (I have a male crowntail betta with really amazing fins...he looks just like this) and so in a fit of creativity I designed a new fighting fish mask that takes advantage of those frilly fins.  I just pulled it out of the oven this minute in's going to be great, I can already tell & it's not even painted yet.   I really should have done a second one at the same time because I bet it'll go really quickly in my shop.


New car... )

Between money I've saved & a small loan, it'll be no problem paying for it.  I guess I can forget the trip to Japan I was saving for...this is more important though & Greg really needs this car.  It feels awesome knowing I can afford to do something like this.  And what a great wife am I?   Happy Valentine's day's your car.  ^__^



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