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( Feb. 11th, 2009 09:11 am)
Oh wow...I love this mask.  It started as a sketch I did in Japan.  I was sitting in the theater watching rehearsals all day & I was bored (hard to imagine that, now!) so I did a little doodle of two fighting fish (bettas) in a cheap sketchpad I had brought with me.   It's been sitting on my desk for months.  I kept looking at it, thinking it had a lot of potential as a mask but just not quite seeing it.

The swan I made over the weekend, with its spray of wing feathers, totally inspired me to give it a try.   It fell out of my head right onto a pattern & became this mask, almost in no time at all.

I'm crazy about it!  It has so much motion and energy.  I should have suspected that all the life and youthful athletic beauty that I was bombarded with while sitting in that Shibuya theater would creep into my art somehow.

Art talk... )

 On a serious note; my dear friend [ profile] geirny  lost her father last night.  I've known both of them for years (almost 2 decades); he was a wonderful, funny, friendly person full of life and energy.  Everyone who knew him loved him; he touched hundreds of peoples' lives because he was just a likeable, approachable guy who always made you laugh & feel at home.  A real character.  I'm going to miss him.   My heart goes out to geirny & her family.  *hugs*   


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