Hi, hello!  I am fine, friends.  Survived two days of hives and Benadryl (the drugs are the worst of it; they make me so tired & good for nothing) and I can't afford to rest because my masks are ON THE COVER OF ARTVOICE!!! 


Also, for any of you folks who are reading this in Japan, you can see an article about me in this month's issue of J-Select magazine,  which can be found in the English section of any major bookstore in Tokyo.   For people outside Tokyo,  copies can be ordered online.

More soon, no doubt.  Rose, the photographer who did the cover pics, will be sending me some jpgs of the shoot for promotional purposes.  Artvoice also gave me an interior spread with more pictures and a bio...completely unasked-for (but very much appreciated!).  That's incredibly cool...it's the equivalent of a full page ad!

Currently I'm working on a new otter (it's very cute!) and a second version of the Fighting Bettas mask.  I can't beLIEVE I still have the original sitting in my Etsy shop.    More cool new ideas in the works too...like a golden wolf. 

Many thanks to friend Tricia, who sent me a very sweet card just when I needed picking up (you'd think that having Angelina Jolie lips would be a good thing, but no) and [livejournal.com profile] golden_meliades , whose gifts of Skip Beat are also timely & wonderful distractions.

*smooch*  Love you all!

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