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( Feb. 27th, 2009 01:06 pm)

I've been experimenting with golden wolf masks this week.  These "experiments" have been so insanely successful, they haven't stayed around in my Etsy shop long enough for anyone to admire them (good for me, eh?).  Fortunately I have pictures...

The first one I did was the "furry" version, which is exactly the same pattern & design I use for my regular large wolf mask.  I tried something different for the second & came up with an Asian flame pattern.  I can't really decide which one I like better, so I might just make both designs again in the future.

The color, by the way, is identical on both masks.  It's just that I took the Asian Flame Wolf's picture yesterday on a very gray washed-out day, while the first had some good true light.  For both, I painted the gold flames in bright gold on the bare leather, then did a deep brown antique stain wash over the rest of it, then drybrushed a mix of gold & copper over the brown parts, to get an antique, burnished gold effect.  Nose/eyes in black 'cause I wanted sharp contrast...though I contemplated dark brown for those too.

What do you think?  About the patterns, colors, brown or black for the noses...etc.  I'm curious.  Obviously it's a super-popular idea but I still feel like I'm experimenting.

EDIT: [info]kijjohnson's excellent short story, "26 Monkeys, Also The Abyss" has made the final ballot for the 2008 Nebula awards.   It is a beautiful story and everyone needs to read it.  I'm SO thrilled because I've loved her work forever, but it's been like a well-kept secret (how amazing she is) & finally the world is taking notice.   It couldn't happen to a more deserving author.  ^__^ 


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