It's been another busy weekend (aren't they always, really?).  I did something impulsive and opened a new online store at a new site.  Similar to Etsy, I think.  Anyway I thought it might be a good idea.  The place is called can see my store here: Merimask Designs.  It is sad and wee, with just two items.  I'll add more no doubt, but I want to have the stock to run both this place and my Etsy site, so I'll build it slowly.  Basically it'll be a copy of my Etsy shop, just at a new venue.

I hate change.  The new store feels all odd and clunky.  Etsy is like an old friend to me; I think I could list stuff in my sleep, there.  The SHM site is...just new.  And weird.  And not familiar.  Setting it up was scary and tedious...but then, I remember Etsy was scary at first too.   Everything is scary at first, until you get used to it.

I just thought it'd be wise not to have ALL my eggs in the "Etsy basket".  What if something happens to that site?   It's good to have a contingency plan. 

In other news; I've been getting a lot of requests for pictures of my masks with people in 'em.  Oddly, I do not have any of these!  I don't know why...I guess it's just something I never bothered to do.  Still, it's a good idea so what follows are a bunch of pictures of Charlotte wearing a few of my masks.  She very kindly offered to be my model,  'cause she has such a cute little face!  
 Steampunk mask


more pictures... )

And there you have it!  Char deserves a hearty round of applause because it was SO COLD today and we had to take these pictures outside (of course I was outside too, so I guess I deserve applause as well).  She was a good sport though.

Back to work, here.  I have so many orders to fill & things to make!  ^_^


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