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( Mar. 6th, 2009 02:43 pm)
So I saw the weather reports yesterday and they all said "Hallelujah!  Friday will be warm!" and so I asked Greg to put the bike rack back on my car in a fit of rampant optimism.

And today I woke up and HALLELUJAH!  55 DEGREES!   So I went to the garage and brought out my bike, dusted it off, filled the tires and put it on the car.  I drove to my favorite trail, willfully ignoring the way the wind was kicking my Subaru all over the road.

And was a bad idea to even try to ride my bike.  I only went about 2 miles before I turned around.   At one point I did a little experiment and stopped pedaling, and even though I was going downhill, the wind not only stopped me but it began to blow me back UP the hill.  Yep.  Time to turn around.

But hey...I DID get out there, so there's that.  I know it was just a teaser but soon it actually will be bike-riding season, which makes me happy happy happy.  ^_^

In the meantime there's a little wooded trail not far from here, only two miles long, so I'll take myself and my bike and Kiba out there.  It's not like a real bike ride 'cause I'll have the dog, but we'll enjoy the fresh warm (relatively speaking) air and have a little bike-related fun, which is just fine by me. 

Meanwhile I had my first facebook-ad-related sale, three days into the ad run.  Not bad, I think.  :-)

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