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( Mar. 13th, 2009 12:12 pm)

I'm being way too busy and I'm doing it to myself.   Staying up until the sun comes up & then basically getting through the day by hopscotching from nap to nap.  As a result, I hardly know what day it is.  If I keep this up, I'm going to get sick (maybe?  For some reason I haven't been really sick for more than 24 hours in a long time).

I opened up a new shop on a new site.  Thought I'd try Artfire has an interesting template.   Built in advertising tools & easy to navigate.  Buyers do NOT need an account there to buy (like they do on Etsy or E-bay or almost everywhere else) which I think is an awesome idea.  I like everything about it except the "make an offer" option, which I don't understand.  Does that mean someone can offer me $20 for a $100 mask?  'Cause the answer will be a big old "no".  Still confused about that a little.

Way over on the other side of the planet, Sasuke is going to happen in just 3 days!  Well...two because it's already tomorrow there.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for my favorite ninja fisherman.  Good luck Nagano-san!  ^_^V

New masks coming soon...I'm just making so many at once that I don't know what I'll finish first or when. 


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