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( Mar. 16th, 2009 01:00 am)
Well.   It was a lovely weekend, but due to an injury (just a leetle one!  I am okay!) I did NOT get to ride my bike.  Which sucked, because it was SO beautiful.  

However, as long as I had to stay inside, I managed to catch up on some Etsy orders including this piece:
 A purple and white unicorn.   I sort of borrowed the Kirin design I did for Magicarade, plus some purple & minus the kirin whiskers.  I hope she likes seems elegant to me.

Charging $ for artwork... )
Anyway I hope you are all happy & healthy this week.  Spring is in the air!  How glorious is that?  ^__^ 

EDIT:  I just realized Sasuke is happening RIGHT NOW in Japan.  Say a prayer/ cross your fingers/ send happy thoughts to the other side of the planet for my favorite ninja fisherman.  ^_^


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