Wow.  I am being really monstrously DUMB lately.  First, I injured myself in the most humiliating way on Friday (those of you on my f-list know what I mean...).  But that wasn't good enough, so Tuesday night I went & got creatively stupid again.

Charlotte is on the Rugby team.  She's a natural, apparently, and is having a lot of fun.  Tuesday they had their first outdoor practice, & she got to wear her brand new cleats for the first time this season.  Her very expensive new Puma cleats that I just bought for her.

She got really muddy & sweaty, and when she got home she took her cleats off outside and left her dirty sweaty socks in them.  I said "do your laundry!" & pulled the socks out of her shoes which are NEW & all sweaty inside...So I did what I always do for sweaty shoes.  I reached for the Odor Eater shoe deoderant spray on the shelf.

Except I grabbed the WD40 that was sitting right next to it.  & I sprayed it into BOTH her cleats, twice, before I realized why the deoderant spray wasn't working.


So now her new cleats smell like an engine block.  I'll probably have to buy new ones...I washed 'em and everything but WD40 is nasty stuff & just does not come out of fabric.   *sigh*

If bad things come in threes, then I'm due to do something else that's incredibly dumb sometime soon.  I can only hope that A: no one gets hurt, and B: it won't be too costly.


I appear to be "On A Roll". 



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