My last entry is no fun at all & that just can't stand.  I mean, it's the first day of spring, right?  And I'm the luckiest gal in the world 'cause I get to make pretty things for a living and blah blah blah...'s not that bad.  ^_^

Doing good deeds brings me happiness.  [ profile] ramblinsuze  is raising funds for an AIDS charity walk and she needs your help...she's halfway to her goal.   I donated in my Dad's name 'cause I like seeing his name in print/on the screen.  
Stop by her donation page and give her a high five in the form of a few bucks.  You'll be paying it forward.  

Also!  THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO is the cutest thing ever.  It's from some kind of Japanese game show where people apparantly scare the living bejeebers out of their own kids (the Japanese are adorable but SO weird sometimes).  Here, some family is "under attack" from a pretty scary-looking zombie.  The kids protect their home (and Mom) with wet sponges, tape, plastic wrap, and a toy lightsabre.  One clever child writes a note "Drink this it is blood!" and tapes it over tobasco sauce she spills on the floor (hilarious).   The little guy in the red shirt have to watch him.  He's cute as heck...scared to death but really brave too, & I wanted to hug the poor little thing by the end.  You MUST see.   It's not that long.   It'll make you smile.

It's cold outside but sunny too...I might just wrap myself up in a lot of clothing & go for a bike ride....hmm.


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