I'm just feeling the need to engage in some pimpage here.  Donning my big purple hat with the giant feather in it & my go-go boots...

[livejournal.com profile] kls_eloise is someone I met in another era, at least I've always felt that way about her.  I think we were both artisans in some guild in 16th century Europe, several lifetimes ago.   The instant she walked up to me at an SCA event, fully 20 years ago, we hit it off immediately and the several-hours-long conversation culminated in a barter of goods, which is SO perfectly medieval.

I told her all about my leather art, and she told me all about her scribal work, and to this day I remember how awed I was by her dedication to detail...a girl after my own heart.  She told me a story about some kind of centuries-old process she used to create raised gold leaf on a scroll she illuminated.  The gold is supposed to be three-dimensional-looking, as if it is dripped onto the art.  The way she did this is with a special kind of very fine plaster that had to be mixed by hand for something like 24 hours, so the slip would be fine enough to look like smooth hard gold when it was covered with gold leaf.  

This impressed the heck out of me.  We've been friends ever since.

She made an LJ entry about a scroll that she just finished in time for an event that happened last weekend.  She says she's out of practice.  I say she's still got it.  You must go see all the pretty & decide for yourself...

I also want to talk again about [livejournal.com profile] kijjohnson  's excellent short story;  "26 monkeys! Also, the abyss", which if you haven't read you really should.  Happiest ten minutes you'll spend this week, & you'll keep thinking about it for weeks after you read it.   Well, it is not only nominated for a Nebula Award, but it is also on the final ballot for a Hugo.  This has made me inordinately happy.  In a time when there is so much schlock writing being touted as "must read" literature (& turned into bad movies featuring dragons or vampires), it's rewarding to see someone so talented getting the recognition she deserves.  Trust me, I am a literary snob & Kij's writing is as close to perfect as I've ever read.  

Meanwhile I am working on a new version of my Golden Wolf mask...should be done in another day & at that point I will of course be back to pimping myself.  ^_^ 

EDIT...OMG I hate myself for misspelling "talented" RIGHT in the header.  How did I DO that?  Fixed it, but it's just going to ruin my day.  What a muffinhead.

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