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( Apr. 1st, 2009 06:46 am)

It's funny, because I was going to relate a little story here today about something that happened last night, regarding myself and my latent temper, & then this morning when I signed on to make the entry I was confronted by a situation online that TOTALLY made me lose my cool.


This is not a good way to start the morning...

Nope, at least one son of a bitch is still at it.   JSPratts0323 on AOL if anyone gives a hoot.  I'm TOSing the stupid bastard right now.

EDIT McANGRY EDIT:  Yeah, the whole thing is up & rolling again.  I guess AOL doesn't give a crap.  I'm glad it's still up though because I spoke directly with a nice lady from the local Secret Service chapter & she directed me to send her all the links & assured me it would be looked into.  So...I'm washing my hands.  I have to stop reading that damn forum now because it just keeps making my blood boil. 

EDIT YET AGAIN:  Well I feel MUCH better & also, vindicated.  This is an e-mail from the nice lady at theSecret Service:

"I forwarded the link to our Internet Threat desk. They will look at it also and work with AOL on identifying any of the entities that would be in violation of USC.(if any subpoenas or court orders need to be generated for privacy rules) Thank you for your information, you are not being a pest."

So yay for that!  Here is a site for everyone who hates these threats against the president as much as I do:
Secret Service Offices.  I called my local office & spoke to a person directly, & she handled the whole thing & took my e-mails and links. 

DO speak up when you see this crap.  I will from now on.  If anything ever happens to the Obama family, at least I have done my best.  I think if more people report this crap when they see it, it'll make the haters think twice.  If the haters can't spew their rhetoric publically, I think it'll cut down the overall level of animosity.  Cowards are braver in a mob, so I think it's folly to let these few control the message boards.

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