Today is TOO BEAUTIFUL to ruin with stupid AOL's dumb cesspool of bigotry...I am avoiding the news comments like they were poison.  And they are.

So today, instead of righteous indignation I will share with mask pictures!

I just finished a new Golden Wolf.

This is my third Golden Wolf.  I left the background color brown, instead of drybrushing gold over it.  In fact I mixed some black & red with the stain to make it a very rich brown, because I wanted more contrast between the base mask color & the gold flames.

I like it better than the paler versions, but we shall see how it does.  It's up in Etsy already.

In other news, I have one gorgeous day out there today!  60 and sunny and NO wind.  So, I'm going for two bike rides...yes two!  It'll probably hurt.  I'm out of shape.  I did fifteen miles yesterday and by the end of it, I wasn't very...chipper.  But hey...this is how my season always starts.  By August I'll be back up to 30 miles with no problem.  ^_^

So I better get, cycling!  *hug*  Love you all!

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