Apparently, there are more shirt-suckers out there than I thought.  See my last entry.    ^__^

Well...I had a very productive weekend.  Finished eight masks in two days and somehow found time to ride my bike for crazy-long distances.  Char's rugby team went to Cleveland & did rather well in spite of being beaten badly (they played one of the best HS rugby teams in the nation, so expectations were modest at best.  They didn't embarrass themselves).

Greg poked me in the belly yesterday & that did it; I renewed my gym membership.  Expense be damned.  I've been avoiding the gym lately because I do this funny thing; I withdraw from things that are "ending" before they end.  It sounds crazy and it probably is, but I haven't gone to the gym lately because I knew my membership was about to expire, and it made me sad.  So screw it, I re-signed for another year.  Winter has been bad to me and I need to get back to where I was in November.  *sigh*  I miss the high I get from lifting, anyway.  It's better than chocolate...something about deep January makes me forget that.

Speaking of January, we're getting some serious snow tonight and tomorrow...woe!  I guess I should have expected it, but it still seems like a cruel joke after that 67 degree day we had on Thursday.    Nature is a dirty rotten tease in the early weeks of spring.


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