Oh wow...I just hate snowstorms in April.  Hate them.

Snow last night, snow today, more snow tomorrow too.  WTF nature?  Why did you taunt me with one day of 67 degree weather if you were just going to snatch it all away?  My crocuses are confused. 

Well, I worked on some new things anyway, because I am a stubborn monkey.   I finished a new Haku mask (Haku from "Spirited Away"...the Japanese river dragon) and it's even better than the last one I did...

A special commission on Etsy.   Heh...you can see the snowflakes falling on my black board, there.  I ran out this afternoon between flakes to take the pictures & they were starting up again as I quickly snapped this.  Oddly, for a rushed pic it's miles better than the ones I took of the last Haku I made.


A couple little dragon-guys for Etsy )

So, thank you for the feedback on my "Etspirations" idea  (is that really a good name for it?  I'm still not sure).  I have contacted a few of my favorite Etsy artisans (LittleCookie, Batikwalla, and MaryJarvis so far) and they are all excited about the idea & willing to let me use their motifs in a mask...I'm excited too.  I think it's going to be fun & also, potentially really good for all kinds of exposure.  If these turn out nice, I'm sure it will become an ongoing project.  Mel, I want to do some collaborating with you too...I think hairsticks are a perfect compliment to a mask anyway (so glamorous) so a FarGrove / Merimask ensemble will be a wonderful pairing. 

I'll also be open to suggestions.   Eventually.  Once I've tried a few of these & worked out the kinks.  Input is also VERY welcome.  New ideas are scary...I kind of want to bounce these off you guys to figure out the best way to do these listings/collaborations/promotions.  Scary, scary.  But also fun.  And hopefully, rewarding. 

*hug*  Love you all.  :-)

Back to work...



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