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( Apr. 9th, 2009 11:58 am)
I'm taking it easy.  I think I've been working too hard.  I messed up that order & it made me realize that I invest far too much of my self-worth in my artwork.   That works great when the work goes well, but when I mess up I take it so personally that it gets me down.  That's...probably not healthy.   Also, not sleeping isn't healthy.  And not working out, that's unhealthy too.

So!  Today I slept in a LOT and it felt great.  I'm going to the gym to renew my membership ( They were so desperate to keep me that I just negotiated a great deal; $19 a month...for a full gym membership!  That's freaking unheard-of) & I'll do a short set to get back in gear.  The great thing about muscles; once you build 'em, they come back quickly with just a bit of effort.

I also need to buy a new rocking chair.  Mom's sciatica is acting up again & she needs a hard rocking chair to sit in.  I gave her my old one, but I really ought to have one here 'cause she spends so much time at my house.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a plain, good hardwood rocker?  Fortunately we have an "Oak Express" not too far away (I LOVE the look of's so golden & warm) so I called & yes, they have rockers!  I'm going to pick up a new chair & that makes me happy.  Mom will have something comfortable to sit in for "Survivor" tonight.

& then, maybe later, I'll work on something.  Or, maybe not.   :-)

Oh!  Really adorable thing: I finally figured out how to get a picture of myself up on DeviantArt (you have to load it in the Deviant ID category...duh!  I'm on a very gradual learning curve, there).  So, last night I loaded a pic of myself there & the comments are hilarious!  Everyone thinks I look like a kid (& that's a new pic too...just took it in December).  Hee!  I am gleefully planning to let them all know I'm 43.  ^__^"

These are all good things...

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