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( Apr. 27th, 2009 11:15 am)


Greg did something to the main home computer.   My laptop no longer links to the cable transmitter now, the icon for Linksys is flashing and broken.  So this is my only online connection.   Also, he did something to the monitor settings which I can NOT seem to undo.  Everything is teeny tiny.  Seriously...I can hardly see what I'm typing. 

Every weekend he spends each and every moment playing games on this thing, & I guess that'll have to be okay.  I mean it's sad , pathetic that he spent all day Saturday (which was BEAUTIFUL) playing games on a computer (12 hours at least, on Saturday alone) inside...but whatever.  I've tried begging and I've tried threatening, so I've given up & I just go do my own thing alone (or with Charlotte) and that just seems to be the way it'll have to be.

But HOLY CRAP.  I must use this computer for business.  I have maintenance to do, each day, on my Etsy site.  I have listings to make, orders to confirm, e-mail to's not like I'm just sitting here playing a game.  This is my JOB.  And today I can't do it.  The screen setting is giving me a headache and my brand new laptop has been rendered useless.

I have already bitched about this because it was messed up last night.  Apparently I did not bitch seriously enough.  This really really sucks...

Okay, so.   The computer crisis is averted for now.  That is a good thing.  It's a lovely day again, which is another good thing.  My daffodils are blooming beautifully.  Here, have some flowers:

I just took this picture...didn't even have to mess with the colors in Photoshop 'cause it was perfect just the way it was.   The daffodils are all over the front yard. 

So yeah...trying hard to calm down & be nicer, since it is SO beautiful today & my computer is limping along again in the usual way & yep.  I hate leaving a bitchy post as my "last word".

In other news; in light of my soul-searching entry regarding the value of my work (is it art or is it craft?), the fact that I spent the entire weekend making these barrettes is really very amusing.

Hahahaha!  I crack myself up.  Seriously, next time I get all "Woe!  I am a hack!", please, one of you just say


and gently remind me that I am a whore.  An artistic, crafty whore but a whore nonetheless.  The ginkgo ones are new and cute

I just plopped 'em up on my Etsy site


If the wind would just stop blowing so hard, I'd go for a nice long bike ride & calm the heck down, & everything would be just FINE.

*le sigh*

EDIT:  The wind, she has stopped!  As if a prayer has been answered.  My own little meteorological miracle.  So I'm off, for a bike ride, maybe two.  Try & stop me!

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