*sigh*  What a dirty trick...Adult Swim changed their lineup & I missed Bleach AND Death Note.  Grr.  Now I'll have to stay up untl two thirty in the morning to catch the reruns.  Poo.

I probably was going to be up that late anyway.  I'm REALLY struggling with this Rumors order.  It's like I'm utterly intimidated by my own masks.  I'm working on the Frost Dragon & the Fire Dragon & I can't remember at ALL how I built the darn things in the first place.  Good thing I have patterns & took pictures.  Even so, I'm looking at all the pieces & wondering how the heck I did it the first time.  Very frustrating.  That happens to me sometimes & for a moment I understand how people feel when they see my work & say "How do you MAKE these??"  Right now I don't know how I make these...I'm rather flummoxed.  

It'll pass.  It always does.  The only way past it is to work right through it.

Feeling better, but weak.  I went to a craft store to pick up glue (for these massive dragons) & ribbon & other supplies.  Afterwards, we went to Pannera's for soup & salad.  I started getting SO tired in Pannera's, & when I got home I had to take a long nap.  I'm a delicate flower.

Ok...back to work.
I was tagged like a Mutual of Omaha water buffalo by [profile] zipis1...

 I hope those were sufficiently weird...I think your random facts should be entertaining, revealing, and embarrassing if at all possible.  I won't tag anyone, as I think we've all done this meme before.  BUT if  anyone feels like commenting and telling me random stuff about themselves I think that'd be just fine, 'cause it's a great way to get to know everyone just a little bit better.  :-)

In other news:  I was up all night with Charlotte, watching anime. 

Aaaand that's all I have.   :-)


I just went on the BUGGIEST bike ride ever. SO many bugs. It was like an infestation of fruit flies or something, or maybe they were migrating? 80 degrees with 85% humidity and no wind, so every one of those suckers were sticking to me 'cause I was sticky!! A couple hit the jackpot and went up my nose, and I think a handful of them were camping out in my sport bra...at least that's what I thought when I went to take my shower. Eww! Grr! Anyway, it was gross.

So I'm sitting here trying to recover, eating hommus and pita chips. I'll pay later, 'cause garlic does bad things to my body, but for right now all things are good and crunchy and bug-free. *sigh*

My sister and her boyfriend flew back to Daytona Beach today. Just in time for a hurricane, maybe! What luck. Anyway, like I've said before, she and I have a deep-seated love of all things badly translated and Asian. In the past I've sent these things to her, among other stuff:

Oh, too funny.  :-)

And!  I'd better share this fanart while it's still topical...before Takahashi kills/resurrects anyone else or something like that.  It's still in my sketchbook (note the spiral binder) so you KNOW it's fresh!

Poor Rin!  Waaah!   Sess broke his little girl!

That's enough randomness for one day.  My leather finally came yesterday and I have no excuse for not working (except for my own exquisite sense of ennui)...I'm such a malcontent! 

Oh!   And [profile] moko_moko is in town this week!  We'll be getting together for lunch, hopefully (I already know where to take her...fun little microbrewery/bistro.  She's gonna love it!!). 

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( Aug. 24th, 2006 11:51 pm)
Oh wow...I am SO BORED!!   And I have a bunch of fun ideas but my leather shipment has yet to arrive.  So!  I've been doodling.  Hurray for pen, ink, asnd prismacolor pencils.  They are my little saviors.

Next!  As promised!  Fanart!

And that's all I've got for now!  That leather better get here soon or I'm going to start drawing all over the walls.  *grumblegrumble*
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( Aug. 11th, 2006 03:41 am)
Okay.  I've finished packing and I'm as ready as I'll ever be for Pennsic.  *sigh*  I've been doing this event for about 18 years now and it just keeps getting bigger and more hectic and harder to do...but I can't pass it up 'cause it's where I make about a third of my yearly income.  It's a week of camping hell though, I can tell you that.  Also, the goofball factor keeps going up higher and higher...or maybe my tolerance of all the Goofy is just wearing thin.  Who knows?  I just can't wait to see what everyone thinks of the Cherry Blossom Dragon.  :-)

Something to read if you want a laugh:  Anatomy of a correspondence about S-Cry-Ed.  [profile] rumdiculous and I can't seem to turn our tvs off when it comes on, and we can't figure out why!

And there you have it.  It's the anime equivalent of hurricane coverage on CNN.  It's not exactly entertaining...it sort of hurts to watch all the carnage...but you just can't turn away.  Rumi and I have the most intellectual conversations!  :-)  Seriously, this is good stuff.

*sigh*  I'll miss you all.  Talk amongst yourselves.  I'll even give you a topic:  What's the all time WORST anime you've ever seen but had to watch anyway?  Even better if you ended up watching the whole thing.  Explain your fascination with the badness.

*smooch*  See ya in a week or so.
Busy busy!  First of all, I've been working tonight on the fish-mask idea [profile] golden_meliades gave me *pats self on back for not having to look up exact spelling of "meliades"*, which it turns out is a VERY GOOD and fun idea!  I have two designs; one with koi and one with male betta (Siamese fighting fish).  The bettas were easy because I have some of those.  No shortage of models there.  :-)  The koi though...those were something I wanted to research.  As an artist I find that it's one thing to think you know what something looks like, and an entirely different thing to know  what it looks like.  


Yeah!  Aside from stupid tv and various Middle East woes,  not much else penetrates my shell of indifference these days.  I took a lovely ride along the banks of the Niagara River with Char yesterday.  Really, a VERY neat bike trail that we have hardly ever used (largely because one has to cross the border...which these days involves showing a passport and getting quizzed by sceptical-looking border agents...yuk).  We'll have to start making that a regular trip though, because PRETTY.  Everything's just greener and lovelier and nicer-looking from the Canadian shore.

Back to work!  When in doubt, make stuff.  That's MY motto.

I made something special for my good LJ friend [profile] rumdiculous .    She's very dear to me for many reasons.    

MUAHAAHAA! It lives!
Also... Gotta have a blackmail pic of the husband playing with the dog. All the cool people are doing it. :-) See? I told you he has long stoopid pretty hair.

Public humiliation is fun! Eh, Greg?

Oh, I noticed that for some perverse reason my picture of Sango failed to load properly when I did my last entry. Which was especially cruel since I mentioned spandex and all... :::shrugs::: Anyway hopefully this time you can see her. SANGO!

And! Mild Twelve Kingdoms spoilage... )
So! I-Con was a hoot. It claims to be the largest sci-fi/fantasy convention in the Northeast, and it sure looked that way. Over six thousand attendees milling around the Stony Brook Campus...none of which I got to see because I was so freaking busy.

The Roadtrip. )

The Convention. )

Woo! Cosplay! )

On ass-kickage. )

Aaaand...that's enough for now. My fingers are bleeding!
Hey.  Back from I-Con (which was hugely successful...but more on that later).  Just a quick update and a couple of cute pics from Char's B-day last week.  She got SO much cool swag from my trip to I-Con too (Gravitation music cds, anime plushies, Evangelion pvc figures, FMA tee shirt, etc...), the kid is one spoiled fledgling teenager.  Anyway, this is the really cool cake I got her...

(That's an awful picture of it...but you get the idea).  There was not ONE scrap of it left when I got home...not one.  Which is too bad because it was the yummiest cake ever.  Here she is, goofing off, sniffing the cake in question.

She also got DVDs of "Howls Moving Castle" and "Millenium Actress" and a $100 gift certificate for Hollister (I freaking hate that store and their fakey-overpriced-surfer-girls-gone-wild clothing line...but part of having a teen is respecting their sense of fashion and personal taste, and she covets those damn trendy clothes :::shrug:::).

Busy busy...I just uploaded my pics from I-Con (I have a couple dozen really fun cosplay pics to share...everyone looked SO cute!), but that entry will have to wait as I MUST get to the bank and deposit mo' money.

I kicked ass, by the way.  ;-)

Life has improved.  If you're on my F-list, see below in my LJ.  If not, then, well...just trust me.  And!  In spite of a bad case of "Oh shit now what"-itis, I have managed to continue to draw new and fun things.  Inuyasha.  Pen and ink with colored pencil. 

I can't help it.  I just really like the poor kid.  He puts up with so much crap and still keeps trying.  I admire that.  He's like my totem animal...or something. 

The background was especially fun.  I used elements from Hokusai's Snowy Morning at Koishikawa, from Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji.  Mount Fuji is in the back there, behind IY.  The whole thing sort of matched the season and the mood.

And, just because it's funny...some musings about  )

Oh man.  for various reasons that I will not go into right now, my weekend sucked completely.  Funny though, how in spite of the brick-solid awfulness of it all, I managed to be productive.  Drawing bug bit me hard after a long hiatus (probably due to the Alphonse Mucha art book I picked up with my Barnes & Noble gift card) and I cranked this out in about a half hour.  Pen & ink with Prismacolor pencils.  Kikyo.

It looks awful cute as a 8 x 10 print, too. (We did prints today...wheee). 

I just love Kikyo, I can't help it.  I imagine her character as being slightly mad, just a bit off-balance since she was resurrected ('cause I imagine croaking would tend to make a person a little bit nuts).  Then, I think about her before she died...what she must have been like.  Probably really cool, a bit sad, tough, smart, independent.  A modern woman, really.  Which makes her all the more tragic.  Anyway she falls off a cliff like a pro and for that reason alone she rocks in my book (she's like the Wile E. Coyote of "Inuyasha"...Someone should make a "Whoops!" sign for her to hold up every time she takes a header off a mountain, or buy her an ACME parachute so she could call it base jumping...just some ideas.).