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( May. 2nd, 2007 11:50 am)
Disclaimer:  I'm not showing off!  I'm...just sharing.    V___V

My house is full of art.  Only a very small portion of this is my own work.  I know artists who only hang their own work in their homes; I think that's so one-dimensional.  It's what you like that defines your taste, in my opinion.  Without tastes and influences and preferences, what kind of artist are you?

Anyway, here's a little of my eclectic collection.  

We'll start with one of mine.  I did this when I was eighteen.  Watercolor on cold-press D'Arches paper.  18 x 21.

I did not peak early...I rocked early.   This is what I was doing before I found leatherwork...a little of everything (except oils yuk!) but mostly watercolor.

That's not everything.  I'm trying not to make it look like an Applebee's in here, but I just keep finding new art for my walls!  To paraphrase Roy Scheider in "Jaws"; we're going to need a bigger house.

Okay, this has been KILLING me.  My brother gave me permission to post this picture.   Remember when I said he was in Belgium a few months ago, working on a super-secret project?  Here's who he was working with.

That's John, STING, and Franco Dragone.

Yeah, I was all HOLY CRAP NO WAY!   John e-mailed it to me with only the words "...pick out your brother in this picture."  He's funny like that.

As a child of the 80's, I find it incredibly wrong that my brother looks better than Sting.  It hurts me, some place deep inside where Duran Duran still rules my internal airwaves and the MTV rocket takes off over and over for eternity, and I look pretty in pink.

*bemused sigh*

Here is a link to my brother's website.  Funny thing #1:  My brother tends to draw his girlfriends/wives/significant others as "characters" and so he's gone through distinctive phases that I call his "Jesse period" or his "Janine period".  He's in a Kari period right now...that girl on the home page looks a lot like his current squeeze (she's awful cute).  'Cept, she doesn't have pink hair.  Or stripes.  Still though, you can chart his social life through his art.  I wonder if he knows he does that?  :-)

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Franco Dragone.  He's a fascinating guy.  I haven't met him personally, but John's told me some great stories.  I made this mask for him (a gift that John commissioned) last year, and (this is why I've been thinking about John and Franco and stuff) I'm making a copy of it to show to the director of Lahaina Gallery in San Francisco next week.  My mom in law did the most amazing thing by getting me this interview, and I'm a tad (okay, a LOT) nervous about it.  Check out the link anyway and tell me what you think.   think this place could really carry my work because it has 3-d sculpture as well as traditional wall art, and a really funky eclectic style.  We'll see, we'll see.  *crossing fingers*

I'm working on a second "wow" mask...something in the same vein as the Dragone mask but ...impossible to describe, I'll just have to show you all when it's done.  Celestial theme (sun and moon) but heavily influenced by Art Nouveau and Japanese woodcuts.  See?  Hard to describe.

Busy busy.  My hands ache!  Totally blue-skying right now, but wouldn't it be incredibly awesome if I actually "made it"?  I've been so close SO many times...I can taste it.

Another mystery solved.  Today Greg and I happened to be in our driveway assessing tree damage, when he noticed a bundle of frayed, chewed up wires sticking out of the house.  Our cable hookup, it seems, temporarily caught Kiba's attention and, well... I'm not sure how to handle this when the Time Warner guy shows up on Wednesday (HUGE squirrels, maybe?).

Huskies:  Pretty, charming, cute, friendly, energetic, and fragile egos with teeth.  He probably got cheesed because we left him in the yard just a little too long one day, and there were these shiny, colorful new things sticking out of the house and BAM, no high speed cable.  *shrug*

In other news; my butterfly kite from's STARING at me with one huge buggy paper mache' eye and it's a little disconcerting.   I moved it in here (the computer/guest room) to make room on the wall for the print [profile] pzb gave me,  (which looks awesome btw...I matted it myself with a big black matt and framed it with a huge 20 X26'' oak frame and it totally dominates my living room)...but now my kite is just sitting up there off to my right and it's rustling ever so slightly against the wall as the breeze from the heater moves it.  I keep startling and glancing up, and it keeps glaring back at me with it's gigantic monarch butterfly eyes.  Getting stared down by your own wall art is a creepy feeling.  I wonder how many of my masks do that  each and every night to people all over the world...perhaps it's Karmic justice?  :-)

Yeah, I'm officially old.  Old old McOld.  S'ok though because IMO I'm still fun.   PLUS tonight my hair is  awesome  and magic just like it was in the old days, and I think that's just fine.  :-)


Anyhoo that's about all that's going on right now.  The wind is screaming outside (seriously.  Gusts of 60+ mph) and I'm worried that more branches might come down.  That storm we had over two weeks ago weakened the trees so badly that there's a good possiblity that we might lose power again, which would really suck.  :-/

*keeping fingers crossed and candles nearby*
First of all, the lovely and talented [profile] pzb  sent me a much appreciated birthday gift; this lovely print.  She's an amazing artist and I LOVE this piece.  I'm getting it framed tomorrow.  *big smooch*  Hon, you don't know how much this cheered me up.  :-)  AND it's the perfect house warming gift!

Second of all, I finished Okami last night and I am bereft.  BEREFT. 
Third of all, I made masks and they are pretty cool.  I did two versions of the fox demon from Okami, a new GreenMan, and a custom colored wolf.  Sometimes people request really ugly customizations of masks (and I have to talk them out of it 'cause I don't do ugly!), but this turned out so pretty I might just do it again.  Pictures will be taken tomorrow.

Fourth; pictures of the aftermath of last Thursday's snow storm.

I could have taken more pics but I was trying to respect the home owners by not actually snapping pictures of their caved-in porches and roofs.  Trust me when I say that these are utterly typical pictures.  Everyone who lives in this county has damaged trees just like this or's a mess here.
OMG people...

My power went back on today around 3 in the afternoon.  I have my cable hookup in the bedroom computer but, curiously, not in the livingroom (where the TV "Heroes" tonight I guess)...other than that everything is ok once again but WOW...what a crappy time everyone here has had.

Anyway, we're ok but I'm exhausted.  Between the storm scaring the crap out of me and saving my tree and keeping the basement dry and most of all freezing my ASS off, I haven't slept much.  Also, I'm really sad about the trees.  This is the most lovely time of year.  The trees were just starting to change.  Now they're ripped up...the streets are piled ten feet high in debris.   All my bike trails are blocked by tree stuff, and who wants to look at torn tree scenery anyway?  It's so depressing.  Sleep will help I know...but right now I just feel like crying.

Plus, we didn't get to the closing.  Heh.  So our sad little tree-deprived house is STILL not ours.  *sigh*

*needs a hug* 

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( Oct. 12th, 2006 05:42 pm)
Um.  This is the tree in front of my house, as of five minutes ago.

We had a lake snow advisory for 8pm tonight through 6am tomorrow, but the stuff started flying around four this afternoon and it's not going to stop.

So yeah, in spite of freaky weather (if this keeps up there will be no school tomorrow.  Electric lines and big tree limbs are coming down all over the place!) we close on the house TOMORROW.  So yay and eek to that.    :-/    *trepidatious*

Okay, I've got nothin' else except my hair is cold and wet and I hafta go turn the heat on now for the first time this year.  Winter's here...waaah!
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( Sep. 7th, 2006 09:37 am)
Grr!   Well, we have a new problem in the basement.  Leaky pipe, yay!  *snarl*  I called the plumber last night when I noticed it (I was going to have to get him here anyway to look at the sump and do whatever he has to do to get it up to code) and he said he'd be here at 8am BUT he called this morning to say...he can't make it here until this afternoon!  Argh!  And I've had three hours of sleep and I'm full of coffee.  Waah!  And everything's going all surreal on me because caffiene + lack of sleep = a weird me.  Woo!  PLUS he's a creepy guy and he flirts with me!  Yick!


Okay, I'm better.


No I'm not.  I'm still in bitch-mode. 

BECAUSE.  My ex-husband is seeing Charlotte this weekend (which he hasn't done in weeks, mind you) and even though he's like two months behind on his child support payments I still have to buy him a birthday present (by which I mean I have to take Char to the store and pay for the present she picks out for him).  And I don't WANT to buy him a birthday present.  But Char really wants to get him something so...   I'll do this thing even though there were birthdays and x-mas's when we were still married when I got NOTHING from him (and he never takes her to buy me anything on my birthday...).  But whatever.  It's what the kid wants and she's stressed about it so...I'll do it.  But I reserve the right to grumble about it here.  *pout*

Okay, now I feel better.  A bit.  Until I have to write that check for the plumbing thing.

*sigh*  Tell me something funny.  I need a laugh.
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( Aug. 31st, 2006 10:31 am)
Crap crappity crapstick!   The freaking sump did NOT pass inspection this morning (even though we had it installed just a few months ago BY A PLUMBER WHO OUGHT TO KNOW WHAT "UP TO CODE" MEANS!!  *snarl*).  So now I need to get some electrical work done and it's just ONE more thing that's making me growly.

Oh well!

To console myself this morning (because all these setbacks are character-building, don'tcha know) I have attempted to restore balance to the universe by paying off my Target card and filing my sales taxes early like a good girl.  Perhaps that will appease the perverse whim of whatever godlings I somehow pissed off, and they'll stop messing with me now.  Please.
Well!  I have a new futon couch/bed.  The sales lady talked me into an upgrade so it's the super-delux extra-thick nicest one!  The kind boys from City Mattress delivered it yesterday.  It's shiny.  Unfortunately it's also black...and my cat loves it.  Break out the pet-hair-tape-roller-thingy, sez I.

Because everything in this house is just an elaborate cat-toy.  I should know that by now.

When I was away at Pennsic I got a chance to catch up with friends.  It was SO nice...exactly what I was craving.  Greg couldn't stay with me the whole week, and I thought I'd be terribly alone, but I had friends with me every minute and it was really nice!  Also, a pleasant surprise:  I'm not socially inept!  Apparently!  Hmm!  Everyone kept telling me how much fun they were having, and how glad they were that my merchant space was a pleasant oasis of friendly normal in a sea of goofy.  It went right to my head. 

So I'm making an effort to be friendlier on a daily basis, instead of just once a year.  So far it's going very well.

Yesterday Char and I went back to that long lovely trail in Canada (I get a secret kick out of producing the passports at the border...because the border guards on the US side can be real pills but there is no argument when the little blue books come out.  "The Power of PASSPORTS compell you!!").  We went a lot further than we usually go, and my legs are sort of killing me today.  We're going to do it again today though, because summer vacation will soon be over and these half-day bike trips will only be a weekend thing once school starts.

My sister is in town but I've only seen her once.  She's very busy.  :-(

I'm working on a Sess + Rin,Naraku + Kanna piece of fanart.  The IY manga dictates that I must hurry, as poor little Rin may be going the way of the dodo soon (oh but I really hope not!!).  I'm arranging them in a yin/yang kind of pose, with the guys' hair being the dark and light fields and the little girls' faces being the contrasting color "dots"...can you see it?  I have to draw it so it makes sense, probably.

And that's all I've got.  Thunderstorms today maybe, I hope.



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