Yesterday I had the nicest time hanging out with [profile] moko_moko , who is SO cute and really funny.  :-)   Charlotte and I met her in Niagara Falls Canada and spirited her away to a lovely town on the lower Niagara River called "Niagara-On-The-Lake"  (really.  That's the town's name), and we spent a few hours eating and shopping and tasting ice was fun!  A bird nearly crapped on me but missed, we were terrorized by bees but never stung, and the rain stopped...I lead a charmed existence.  And did I get a single picture?  Nope!  Damn.  Anyway, it was a lovely day. 

And in other news, by the end of next week I'll be a homeowner...again.  *shudder*  We're buying this house that we've been renting from my mother...which is a good thing as we've put a ton of our own money into it, fixing it up.  Still, I can't help remembering the last time I was a homeowner.  It all ended so badly, with the divorce.  I basically gave up my old house so I could get out in a hurry.  It was very sad and it messed up my finances but good for a long time.  So, I'm glad everything will be in our names but I'm terrified as well.  *sigh*

One more reluctant trudging step on the road to behaving like a real adult. 

And [profile] rumdiculous drew "Tickle Me EmoSess" for's in the last entry, among the responses.  Go look!  It's adorable. 

I just went on the BUGGIEST bike ride ever. SO many bugs. It was like an infestation of fruit flies or something, or maybe they were migrating? 80 degrees with 85% humidity and no wind, so every one of those suckers were sticking to me 'cause I was sticky!! A couple hit the jackpot and went up my nose, and I think a handful of them were camping out in my sport least that's what I thought when I went to take my shower. Eww! Grr! Anyway, it was gross.

So I'm sitting here trying to recover, eating hommus and pita chips. I'll pay later, 'cause garlic does bad things to my body, but for right now all things are good and crunchy and bug-free. *sigh*

My sister and her boyfriend flew back to Daytona Beach today. Just in time for a hurricane, maybe! What luck. Anyway, like I've said before, she and I have a deep-seated love of all things badly translated and Asian. In the past I've sent these things to her, among other stuff:

Oh, too funny.  :-)

And!  I'd better share this fanart while it's still topical...before Takahashi kills/resurrects anyone else or something like that.  It's still in my sketchbook (note the spiral binder) so you KNOW it's fresh!

Poor Rin!  Waaah!   Sess broke his little girl!

That's enough randomness for one day.  My leather finally came yesterday and I have no excuse for not working (except for my own exquisite sense of ennui)...I'm such a malcontent! 

Oh!   And [profile] moko_moko is in town this week!  We'll be getting together for lunch, hopefully (I already know where to take little microbrewery/bistro.  She's gonna love it!!). 

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( Aug. 24th, 2006 11:51 pm)
Oh wow...I am SO BORED!!   And I have a bunch of fun ideas but my leather shipment has yet to arrive.  So!  I've been doodling.  Hurray for pen, ink, asnd prismacolor pencils.  They are my little saviors.

Next!  As promised!  Fanart!

And that's all I've got for now!  That leather better get here soon or I'm going to start drawing all over the walls.  *grumblegrumble*
Well!  I have a new futon couch/bed.  The sales lady talked me into an upgrade so it's the super-delux extra-thick nicest one!  The kind boys from City Mattress delivered it yesterday.  It's shiny.  Unfortunately it's also black...and my cat loves it.  Break out the pet-hair-tape-roller-thingy, sez I.

Because everything in this house is just an elaborate cat-toy.  I should know that by now.

When I was away at Pennsic I got a chance to catch up with friends.  It was SO nice...exactly what I was craving.  Greg couldn't stay with me the whole week, and I thought I'd be terribly alone, but I had friends with me every minute and it was really nice!  Also, a pleasant surprise:  I'm not socially inept!  Apparently!  Hmm!  Everyone kept telling me how much fun they were having, and how glad they were that my merchant space was a pleasant oasis of friendly normal in a sea of goofy.  It went right to my head. 

So I'm making an effort to be friendlier on a daily basis, instead of just once a year.  So far it's going very well.

Yesterday Char and I went back to that long lovely trail in Canada (I get a secret kick out of producing the passports at the border...because the border guards on the US side can be real pills but there is no argument when the little blue books come out.  "The Power of PASSPORTS compell you!!").  We went a lot further than we usually go, and my legs are sort of killing me today.  We're going to do it again today though, because summer vacation will soon be over and these half-day bike trips will only be a weekend thing once school starts.

My sister is in town but I've only seen her once.  She's very busy.  :-(

I'm working on a Sess + Rin,Naraku + Kanna piece of fanart.  The IY manga dictates that I must hurry, as poor little Rin may be going the way of the dodo soon (oh but I really hope not!!).  I'm arranging them in a yin/yang kind of pose, with the guys' hair being the dark and light fields and the little girls' faces being the contrasting color "dots"...can you see it?  I have to draw it so it makes sense, probably.

And that's all I've got.  Thunderstorms today maybe, I hope.

I made something special for my good LJ friend [profile] rumdiculous .    She's very dear to me for many reasons.    

Oh man...I am a TOTAL WRECK waiting for the scans/translations of the most recent Inuyasha manga episode (chapter 465) to be posted.  Really.  I can't stand the tension.

*le sigh*
Nothing much going on, it's a quiet night here. I'm longing for a real "wrath-of-god" thunderstorm here, but everything keeps fizzling out as it heads north and all we're getting is a damp drizzle that's chilly and not sexy at all. It's supposed to stay this way for a while, this week. *le sigh* So much for cycling.

A fish story. )
Well, [profile] ash_grey_sky has finished her epic fanfic, Tales From the House of the Moon.   I have to say, it's one of the finest things I've ever read.  It transcends the genre of fan fiction.

I found the last chapter so moving that I had to stay up all night, drawing a picture.  This is Kagome, some place where there are no endings...

Pardon the crappy scan...I'm not used to our new scanner.  In fact, what's up with LJ's new prompts?  This is a whole lot more confusing than it used to be.  :::sigh:::

Anyway, it was fun drawing Kagome in an Art Nouveau style.  I'm too tired and emo to elaborate, but this helped me to sort of say goodbye to House Of The Moon.  I'm really going to miss that story.
Yup. It looks like Mouryoumaru did in fact actually eat Naraku (referring to the Inuyasha manga scanlations on Ear-Tweak...). More correctly, he made a sort of Naraku-corndog out of himself and absorbed him. Ewww. I call no fair. I'm not buying it just yet, but what a revolting development. I wonder what Naraku fewmets look like... :::shudder:::

Tomorrow I'm doing a little teeny event, not much more than an art/craft fair really. But, it'll be the first time I get to unleash Inuyasha, Kikyo, and Kirara on the general public, so that'll be fun. The kids do love it when I bring the fan art along...

Life has improved.  If you're on my F-list, see below in my LJ.  If not, then, well...just trust me.  And!  In spite of a bad case of "Oh shit now what"-itis, I have managed to continue to draw new and fun things.  Inuyasha.  Pen and ink with colored pencil. 

I can't help it.  I just really like the poor kid.  He puts up with so much crap and still keeps trying.  I admire that.  He's like my totem animal...or something. 

The background was especially fun.  I used elements from Hokusai's Snowy Morning at Koishikawa, from Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji.  Mount Fuji is in the back there, behind IY.  The whole thing sort of matched the season and the mood.

And, just because it's funny...some musings about  )

Oh man.  for various reasons that I will not go into right now, my weekend sucked completely.  Funny though, how in spite of the brick-solid awfulness of it all, I managed to be productive.  Drawing bug bit me hard after a long hiatus (probably due to the Alphonse Mucha art book I picked up with my Barnes & Noble gift card) and I cranked this out in about a half hour.  Pen & ink with Prismacolor pencils.  Kikyo.

It looks awful cute as a 8 x 10 print, too. (We did prints today...wheee). 

I just love Kikyo, I can't help it.  I imagine her character as being slightly mad, just a bit off-balance since she was resurrected ('cause I imagine croaking would tend to make a person a little bit nuts).  Then, I think about her before she died...what she must have been like.  Probably really cool, a bit sad, tough, smart, independent.  A modern woman, really.  Which makes her all the more tragic.  Anyway she falls off a cliff like a pro and for that reason alone she rocks in my book (she's like the Wile E. Coyote of "Inuyasha"...Someone should make a "Whoops!" sign for her to hold up every time she takes a header off a mountain, or buy her an ACME parachute so she could call it base jumping...just some ideas.).