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( Sep. 19th, 2006 01:21 pm)
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In other news I was up all night in a pissy mood, making stuff.  S'funny how being in a bad mood can really get me rolling creatively-speaking.  I did a wall hanging, another plaque but this time smaller and no dragons (!!!).  Koi, of all things.  I'll have to get pictures and share.  Later...later...

Ahh, I'm bad.  Bad bad LJ user, bad LJ friend.  Just plain bad.  I've been busy working and recovering from my trip and filling surprise HUGE orders...  Too freakin' busy to update or be entertaining in any way, shape, or form.  My bad.  

I have yet to load my Costa Rica pictures because I suspect I'm going to finally have to break down and upgrade my photobucket membership to an actual ~paying~ membership.  Likewise for LJ.  The days of cheapo freebies are drawing to a close for me...I apparently have too much to say (and too many pictures to show) to continue on in this manner.  *shrug*

The weather here is intense and freaky.  Not unlike Costa Rica, we've been getting some fast moving thunderstorms that pop up in the afternoon heat and they're playing havoc with my evening bike rides.  I found myself racing home last night in a bit of a panic, with one eye on the sky as it went all Steven Spielberg-y on me (you know...the kind of black cloud alien invasions are launched from all the time.  Just check out Close Encounters Of The Third Kind or War Of The Worlds and you'll see what I mean).  This was completely understandable as there was a TORNADO here on Friday.  An actual tornado.  !!   Last time that happened was 1987.  It flipped a truck over on the thruway and it tore some roofs off...nothing too major.  But it DID freak everyone out and the local news was all over it for hours and hours.  You'd think Jesus had landed on the thruway, the way everyone was going on and on.   It was kind of sweet.  Stuff like that makes me love Buffalo.  We have it good here in many ways.

In spite of the occasional boomy noises coming from the sky, I've been really productive!  Usually, storms make me go all dreamy and I sit and stare out the window for hours and watch the light show.  I got more than my fill of "wrath of god" thunderstorms on vacation, however, so I'm just workin' right through all the distractions.  Doing some really good stuff...ambitious things.  I'll put pics up when I pay for the right to have more than a hundred pics on photobucket.  :-)

Back to work!

Edit:  Doh!  I'm such a monkey I forgot to mention the ONE thing I really wanted to talk about...   Char and I went to the free concert downtown on Thursday (Buffalo's free concert series, Thursday In the Square) and saw The Trews and 54/40.  The Trews were AWESOME and really tore the place up.  I have their newest import CD and it was fun knowing how cool they were even before they started playing (everyone was blown one really knew who they were except for myself, Charlotte, and the Canadians).  54/40 is OLD and they made me feel old.  I remember when "Baby Ran" came out and CFNY was playing it all the time...turns out that was twenty years ago!  I told this to my sister on the phone today and she screamed "WHAT??!" at me...apparently she's old too.  It comes as a terrible shock to us both.


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