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( Jun. 20th, 2007 01:39 pm)
Hah!  Fooled ya!  You thought this was going to be another kitty entry, didn't you?  Well, it is in a way.  I just finished some cat masks.

That's Bast (Bastet...Egyptian goddess of music, fertility and the Dance), a new Venetian cat, and Sekmeht (Egyptian goddess of war).

Speaking of cats (here comes the "Kumo" part of this entry)...Kumo remains a funny funny little guy.

Some recent behavior developments:

*  Any hair left in the drain of the shower is, once dry, apparently a great cat toy.  I thought everyone was getting neater with their bathroom habits (a freaking miracle!!), and then I found Kumo's stash of swirled-up hair.  Oh, for fun.

*  In my sneakers, little toy mice.  One in the heel of each sneaker.  I think they're meant to be gifts.

*  Low-fat cottage cheese is clearly too yummy to ignore, therefor negating the "no cats on the kitchen table" law.

*  Kiba has not entered his dog bed in over a week.  It now belongs to Kumo.  I can't make Kiba get into it even if the cat isn't occupying it at the time...he just rolls his eyes at me, tucks his tail, and throws himself to the ground as if to say "this lowly dog is not worthy to share of the lion-kitty's bed".   Kumo, meanwhile, watches with half-closed eyes from his new favorite bed (the pillow on the couch) and approves.

*  My paint water is much tastier than the fresh water I fill the cat bowl with daily.

Yeah.  It's like that.  Anyway, he makes me laugh.
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( Jun. 13th, 2007 11:55 pm)

 Omygosh I hope this works...

I bought a laser cat toy for Kumo.  Kumo ignored it utterly, as it smelled like neither catnip nor feathers.  Dinah is marginally more gullible and chased it a bit.  Kiba freaking LOVED it and I think it's very revealing that my dog is more prone to pounce at moving objects than the flipping kitties are.  Heh!
Muahahaha!  I use my will to bend reality and thwart thousands of generations of natural insticts...and force the lion to lay down with the lamb!

...or maybe that's the husky lying down with the kitty.  :-)  I WIN.

One more picture of Kumo in his birdhouse perch (Charlotte took this one)...

I swear we're starting to wind down here...only TWO Kumo pics today.

In other news (there IS other news, darlings.  Time stands still for no cat), I got a lovely, unsolicited & utterly unexpected gift from [personal profile] smillaraaqtoday!  A beautiful tiger-eye and turquoise glass necklace that looks AMAZING on me (my favorite combination of brown & aqua, y'know).  It's so sweet of her!  I saw it in her journal & commented on how lovely it is, but at that time she'd already put it in the mail for me.  What a kind friend.  :-)  Unexpected gifts are the best.

I'm making something cool for her, too.  Pictures next week, to be sure.

Woo!  Only two more days & I'll be in Las Vegas visiting my brother John, who I haven't seen in over a year.  [profile] moko_moko will be there too!   I can hardly wait.  :-)  The desert is always so beautiful and alien to me, and I always have fun hanging with John (he's an incredibly funny guy).  Of course, the flying part freaks me out a little.  I'm out of practice because the last time I flew was in November.  *shrug*  Once I get up there & have a chance to look out the window, I actually love it.  The god's-eye view is always fascinating and wonderful to me.  I just wish I could be knocked-out for the takeoff & landing parts!  Ah well.  What's a little mortal terror anyway?  That's like the price I pay to go somewhere neat.

*smooch*  Love you all.

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( Jun. 4th, 2007 12:55 pm)
Argh...I'm sorry!  All my entries are kitty entries!  I have to apologize...he's a new guy.  I'll get over it soon.

Sleepy Kumo.  He loves the futon sofa.

Kitty!! )
*sigh*  All the money I had saved for my Vegas trip later this week is GONE.  *shrug*  Oh well.  Kumo is cuter than a slot machine any old day.


OMG someone STOP me.  He just crawled into his toy basket...

As of right now he's actually sleeping in it.  *DED FROM CUTE*

Busy!  But, still I have to share all the pet-related goofiness that's going on in my life.

First of all, my cat Dinah.  Technically she's Charlotte's cat.  I got her for Char when she entered second "little" Dinah is seven years old!  She's a big furry ottoman of a cat.

She's cute but not an especially friendly cat...not like my beloved Claudia was.  You can't pick her up and she hardly ever purrs.  She's just not a "people" cat (but we love her anyway).  I have spend a fortune on her because she's allergic to most commercial pet foods.  I've been wanting a second cat since shortly after Claud died, because I miss my cuddle-cat.  I even have a pre-approved adoption card for our local SPCA...but none of the cats there have been quite right.   More on that later!  ;-)

So, I'm deciding on a name and preparing for a new family member this weekend.  I may enlist the help of my many names but only one little cat!

I've finished preparing for the psychic fair that's happening tomorrow.   Of course, I couldn't stop myself from busying my hands with more little projects (leaf keychains...because I did a quick inventory this morning and I have NO green leaves!  Huh!  It's good to have that little stuff lying around at shows), but at this point if I decide to go to bed instead of finishing them, no big deal.  I think I'm pretty well prepared for whatever Spiritfest throws at me.

So what am I doing awake, messing around on LJ?  *shrug*  I dunno.  :-)

I took a walk with Kiba on the beach late this afternoon.  Some storms were rolling in, it was oppressively hot, and I thought we both needed a break.  Because I've been so busy for the last few weeks, the poor neglected dog has been missing his beach walks!  So, we made up for that.

Hot puppy...he wants to get off the boardwalk and into the water, please!

DogFun. )

I really need to get him a new wading pool...nothing pleases that silly dog more than splashing around on a hot summery day.  I swear, he likes it better than snow.

In other news...I want to do a big expo!  A craft expo, in Roanoke VA, this October.  Heads up, [profile] rumdiculous, I fully intend to be sharing a space there with you.  I can really see your wonderful hand-painted furniture at a show like this...and like I said it's HUGE.   It'll be a great learning experience, you'll get your feet wet, and you're bound to make some good money.  We'll be talking...  ;-)

After midnight...hmm.  I'm going to look at those leaves (carved, shaped & dyed but still not painted.  Or sealed.  Or turned into keychains with the addition of a big split ring...), and decide whether it's worth it to stay up and finish the durn things.  Decisions, decisions...

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( May. 8th, 2007 03:07 am)
Been busy!  Very busy, in spite of the Siren Song of my Wii.

First off; Kiba loves you all.  A gratuitous picture of my's been a few weeks since he's made an appearance in my journal.

He loves my Mom's yard.  I've been house-sitting for her and her yard is HUGE, and full of bunnies.  So, Kiba patrols happily.  Also, everyone has chain-link that you can see through and everyone has dogs, so Kiba gets a kick out of scoping out the neighbors' puppies (he's checking out the cute beagle two yards over...she's such a tease!).

So there!  I DO have a life beyond my Wii.  *muttermutter*

*smooch*  Love you all.  I'll post pics of that Kirin in a few days.


Back from West Virginia, which will forevermore be known as Left Virginia.  Just go look at a map.

I got the rose in the mail today, 

[personal profile] smillaraaq!  It's very pretty & perfectly in time for mother's day.  Your thingy will be in the mail soon (still working on it).  :-)

That's about it.  I'm going to dive into Twilight Princess tonight, I think.   It's the only game I can imagine that might soothe my broken heart after Okami (damn...I wish there was a sequel!)


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( Apr. 26th, 2007 12:21 pm)

Well, we have the Wii and it is neato keen.  It's amazing how sensitive that thing is!  Haven't had time to do more than noodle around with WiiSports but that's ok, as I'm getting ready to do an SCA event in West Virginia and I don't have time to dive into Zelda.

Hilarious side note:  The Wii and my dog do NOT mix.  Kiba is a husky, and those guys are ultra-sensitive to physical cues.  When he came trotting into the room while I was in the middle of playing WiiSports Boxing...he freaked right out.  Couldn't figure out why I was excited and jabbing at the air violently, but he figured it meant it was a dog game and began leaping and scrabbling like a monkey at every jab.  Eventually it ended up with me laughing on the floor as he ran tear-assing all over the house.   I'm...not sure how we'll ever be able to play with him in the room.   He just doesn't get it.

Sabres won their first game against the Rangers in the semi finals.  It was a tough, exciting game.  Next one's on Friday...I hope they do ok.

I'm doing an SCA event this weekend, in West Virginia.  My buddy

[profile] rumdiculous might be there!  Oh, I hope so.   She's been my dearest LJ pal, practically from the beginning.  :-)

Happy Birthday to [personal profile] moonphased!   *smooch*  Something cool is in the mail.

That's all I have.  *back to packing for trip*


First things first...I must send a big thank you!! to [profile] pzband [personal profile] moonphased, for the lovely & thoughtful gifts they sent me this week.  
[profile] pzbsent a very cute card (yay for kitty humor!) and the softest red scarf that she made with her own hands...too sweet, my dear.  :-)  
Today I came home from my trek with Kiba to find a package from [personal profile] moonphased, with a lovely card, some CDs (which I still haven't listened to...though I recognize the kanji and I'm sure they're the "Okami" soundtrack!), and a BOOK!  An Okami book!  Full of the most beautiful art!  I can't read a word of it but who cares because it's so pretty and shiny and I think the fact that it's Japanese makes it EVEN NEATER.  There are no words (well, except for the ones I just...nevermind).

So that was my morning.  Now I'm back here (STILL freezing...I think I got a little chilled in spite of the down jacket and the stupid-looking hat I was wearing), and I'm all out of energy!

So's Kiba, by the way.  He came home and crashed out under the kitchen table.  Oh, to be a spoiled Brat-Prince of a dog.

LOL!  Oh my dog!  Just a quick update...Kiba's going to be on the news tonight!  My mom LOVED this picture of him that I took yesterday...

...and insisted that I send it to the local NBC news affiliate, WGRZ Channel 2, because sometimes they use pictures of local interest sent in by viewers.   So I signed on to their site and sent it, and not a half-hour later I got a call...they're using it in the five oclock report!  Hee!  :-)  I never expected that.

This is why Moms are always right.

I had to explain the pronunciation of his name "KEE-ba", and they asked the right question, which is "What does 'Kiba' mean?" which I replied "It's the Japanese word for 'fang'...but he's not much of a 'Fang', he's a total sweetheart."  Which they thought was funny.

So holy crap, Kiba at five!  I guess you can't tune in, but they'll put his pic up on the news site as well so coolness abounds.
Kiba and I took our daily beach walk early today.

The beach is at Beaver Island State Park, on Grand Island, near Niagara Falls.  That's the Nigara River, with Canada across the way.  Kiba loves this place, as I let him run free there when the beach is quiet and empty like it was today.

So that was my morning.  

On the way home I stopped at the post office to mail an order, then over to my Mom's house to say hi, then to Wegman's for some grocery shopping.  Halfway through Wegman's I hit the wall.  See, we have this...thing...we say here around the house.  Greg and I call it "Running out of breakfast", when your carbo breakfast leaves you crashing by noon (that's why carbo breakfasts SUCK).  Well, like an ass, I had a donut & coffee for breakfast (not healthy, I know, I know) and then went out for a long hike with the dog & ran errands and suddenly BANG I'm shaking and weak and STARVING in the grocery store.  Not a good place to be.  You know, you should never shop for food when you're hungry because you end up buying the most stupid stuff!   I ended up with a cart full of sushi and whole wheat crackers and fruit salad and chocolate bars...all the things I was craving because I had crashed big-time.  Greg gave me a 50 today to do some shopping (for neccesities) and I only planned to use half of it, but with my cartload of impulsive hunger-food I ended up with about....35 cents to spare.  Umm...sorry hon?  :-)

Time for housework and maybe some preliminary sketches...I've been in the mood for watercolors for a while, now.


Gift art for [profile] shvetufae .
 Is it tacky to show off someone's gift art in your own journal first?  Hmm...  Not sure of the faux pas factor here, so, no offense intended. 

I think she turned out looking warm and breezy and summery (three things I wish I were right now, in fact!).    I left her offset because:  A... I just liked it that way and B... she'd make a great icon, and there's plenty of space for text there.  *hug*  Hope you like her, Shveta.  :-)  I sort of loosely based her on some pictures I saw of you...not that you have pointy ears or anythin' like that.

The other  Not so much.  I'm unhappy with it so I think I'll hang onto her and mess with her some more.  This is why I drew two...I figured one was bound to work.  How many artists employ backup fairies as part of their arsenal?  Not very freaking many, I bet.  *is a smart monkey*

So!  Everyone, keep an eye on the mail in the next couple of weeks.   I'm sending out the holiday swag soon and you're all on my list.   :-)   A little somethin' somethin' for everyone. 

Yay!  Back online via high speed cable.  Thank you Time warner dude for not charging us for dog damage.  It seems the squirrels DID have a go at the cable as well.  I know Kiba is a bit of an acrobat, but he certainly didn't chew the cable waaaay up on the pole where it connects to the main line.  Little gray bastards.  *mutter mutter*

Also, a big *hug* to [profile] rumdiculous...who is such a good friend (she's had computer problems and I miss her terribly!!), she sent me a beautiful watercolor painting (I have to scan it!!) and a jar of wonderful jam that I suspect she made sweet!  I had some on a bagel this morning and it was SO good.

Really, everyone on my f-list has been so generous to remember me on my birthday.  I'm at the age where I'm starting to resent the annual intrusion of reality into my youthful fantasy (seriously...I look in the mirror sometimes and think "Holy crap what is happening to my freaking EYES??"  Don't even get me started on my boobs.  They're going all "National Geographic" on me and it's heartbreaking.), but this year was so joyful and full of surprises.  You are all wonderful.  :-)

And!  I've been busy making stuff just for the sake of being busy making stuff.  Boredom is sometimes a great motivation.  I screwed up on a wolf that was supposed to be gray (I spilled blue dye on it...heh) so I just said "Hell, let's make a blue wolf!"  And so it was done.

I might put it on E-bay, just to see what people think.  I kind of like it!   I want to do a red one now.

It's freakishly warm and nice outside today.  October was such a monumentally CRAPPY month, weather-wise, that I hardly went out on my bike at all.  I think I'll go out today, even though the trees are bare and sad.  We were robbed of our normally beautiful Autumn, I tell you.  Robbed!

Another mystery solved.  Today Greg and I happened to be in our driveway assessing tree damage, when he noticed a bundle of frayed, chewed up wires sticking out of the house.  Our cable hookup, it seems, temporarily caught Kiba's attention and, well... I'm not sure how to handle this when the Time Warner guy shows up on Wednesday (HUGE squirrels, maybe?).

Huskies:  Pretty, charming, cute, friendly, energetic, and fragile egos with teeth.  He probably got cheesed because we left him in the yard just a little too long one day, and there were these shiny, colorful new things sticking out of the house and BAM, no high speed cable.  *shrug*

In other news; my butterfly kite from's STARING at me with one huge buggy paper mache' eye and it's a little disconcerting.   I moved it in here (the computer/guest room) to make room on the wall for the print [profile] pzb gave me,  (which looks awesome btw...I matted it myself with a big black matt and framed it with a huge 20 X26'' oak frame and it totally dominates my living room)...but now my kite is just sitting up there off to my right and it's rustling ever so slightly against the wall as the breeze from the heater moves it.  I keep startling and glancing up, and it keeps glaring back at me with it's gigantic monarch butterfly eyes.  Getting stared down by your own wall art is a creepy feeling.  I wonder how many of my masks do that  each and every night to people all over the world...perhaps it's Karmic justice?  :-)

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( Oct. 6th, 2006 06:07 am)
Okami finally got here today!   I am in a hundred different kinds of love with this video game. :-)

And I am SO making an Amaterasu mask.  :-)  Oh yes.  *nodnod*

My own "wolf pup" Kiba (heh...okay so he's a husky...but you know that I love his wolfy looks) and I have been going for long walks on Grand Island lately.  Because of my health problems I haven't been able to go for my long bike rides, which sucks but 15 to 20 miles on a bike just hurts too much right now *pout*.  Still, we have a big park with a lovely sandy beach on Grand Island and now that summer's over the place is pretty much deserted, so Keebs and I have been hitting it pretty regularly.  He LOVES the beach.  He runs wild around me in big circles and scares all the gulls and snuffles sand up his nose and generally has a wonderful time.   Even if I can't ride my bike, it lifts my mood to see him pelting across the sand like a wild thing.  

It's just as well that I can't ride right now...the trails are dangerous.   There's a serial rapist/murderer who's been stalking the bike paths that I love (and use regularly) for the last ten years or so...and he seems to be on an upswing again.  He killed some poor woman just last weekend on one of the trails, and it's just another good reason for me to keep the Kibinator close by for now.  Scary stuff.
Whew!   Narrowly averted the urge to get a new kitty at the ASPCA today. 
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( Aug. 31st, 2006 10:31 am)
Crap crappity crapstick!   The freaking sump did NOT pass inspection this morning (even though we had it installed just a few months ago BY A PLUMBER WHO OUGHT TO KNOW WHAT "UP TO CODE" MEANS!!  *snarl*).  So now I need to get some electrical work done and it's just ONE more thing that's making me growly.

Oh well!

To console myself this morning (because all these setbacks are character-building, don'tcha know) I have attempted to restore balance to the universe by paying off my Target card and filing my sales taxes early like a good girl.  Perhaps that will appease the perverse whim of whatever godlings I somehow pissed off, and they'll stop messing with me now.  Please.
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( Jun. 12th, 2006 01:01 am)
I'm feeling much better now.  Much, much better.  Today was the first time in a week that I actually felt well enough to go for on of my bike rides.  I picked a short-ish trail (seven miles round trip) but I probably would have been fine on a longer trail because I hardly got heated up.   Better safe than sorry.  *shrug*

Bad dog!  )

*sigh*  Back to work!
Oh, but I kid.  Because for some strange reason the lovely and talented Kiba does not smell bad when he's wet!!  I have no idea why.

We have a really addled rabbit that has decided to set up camp in our back yard.  The yard is gated, so KIba is allowed back there to romp, chase the bunny away, and get all worked up (hence the pool, as huskies do not operate well when heated).  Then, once we let him out of the yard, the damn bunny comes right back!  I've seen him sit on the other side of the fence and taunt the dog who is only a few feet away.  That is one bold, stupid rabbit.