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( Jan. 6th, 2008 07:17 pm)

I just listed my big Summer Wave Dragon on Etsy.

I feel woozy...
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( Nov. 30th, 2006 06:39 am)
Dum dee dee...I'm online wasting time because my hands are KILLING me...just finished carving a new mask (brand new design) and it was a bitch on my hands.   So, break time!  I took new pics of some of my stuff.  Super high res so you know it'll stay crunchy in milk.

Wave Dragon Redux.

Boo!  I'm HUGE!!  

Dragons, dragons, and more dragons.

It was warm today but not that sunny...oh well.  I bet my brother can tweak these and brighten them up somehow...he's clever that way.

*sigh*  Back to work!  I know I had other stuff to yammer about but my head is fuzzy with all the ideas I've been getting lately.  At least I'm not having a hard time coming up with new designs. 
Oooh!  Before I forget, BIG thank you to [personal profile] moonphasedbecause she totally rocks and she made me the FUNNIEST icon!  Based on my Okami fanart and a comment she made in my LJ a week or so ago...I give you...the "poop" icon.
 It kills me every time.  :-)    Those of you who are playing Okami and have the "brown rage" move know what this icon's all about.  Death by wolf dookie!

EDIT:  Holy creeping crap...these pictures really ARE too dark, aren't they?  *scowl*  Un-freaking-believable.  I just took a new batch because the sun peeked out briefly...SO briefly.  This is why I need my suntanning booth in the winter months; you just never get any good happy daylight.

OMG these pics better be okay because I think my hair is starting to fall out over all this picture-induced angst.  Waaah!

By the way, anyone who wants to use the "poop" icon can...just give [personal profile] moonphased credit for making it.  You can give me a mention too (if you are feeling the love) for doing the Ammy artwork.  I'm not fooling's just a drawing of my Kiba with a little red makeup added.  :-)
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( Oct. 2nd, 2006 11:37 pm)

Wave Dragon.  Technically, Natsu no Nami (I think I got that right)...Summer Waves.  I'm very pleased with it.    I do not even know how many separate pieces I used.   I just kept making waves until everything fit together.

Here's the dragon...

...and a close view of the head.  I used pewter-dyed pearls for eyes.

This one was a ton of fun to do.  The waves were SO tricky to lay out but very rewarding overall.  The piece is HUGE and absolutely swirls.

In spite of being gun shy after my Koi plaque debacle, I decided to trust my instincts and really let go with this one.  I changed it a LOT from my original concept drawing, but I have to say that I feel like it's doing what I wanted it to do and then some.  The gold suede I used for the sky is absolutely the right choice.  I even like the asymmetry because it seems right that the waves have sloshed out over the border of the original circle.  You can't really tell from these pics, but the thing has a LOT of motion and some places it rises off the plaque a good 7 inches.   Viewed from the side it looks like a typhoon.  :-)  This is certainly the most ambitious piece I've ever made.

So!  Very happy tonight.  Glad to be done with this piece.  It's consumed me from the moment I did the first sketch.  I can't wait to bring this one to a show.
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( Sep. 28th, 2006 12:10 am)
Well, I finished my newest Asian dragon plaque and I'm quite pleased with it.

It's another commission piece, but I was given a lot of leeway by the client (a wonderful person who knows that letting me run with an idea often results in fun stuff).   He wanted an Asian dragon like my Cherry Blossom dragon, but with fall leaves instead.  I went a step further and did the sculpted branches too (which was the only part about the koi plaque that I liked).  I was SO careful sculpting and laying them out...I even did a mock-up before I started glueing, laying everything in its place and photographing it for reference.  All the caution paid off though...I feel like this one's doing what I wanted it to do.

I let myself go a little and added all kinds of fun embellishments to the face and spine.  I even found some lovely dyed golden pearls for the eyes, which I think totally work.

Fun fun!

In other news:  Steve Irwin's widow was interviewed by Barbara Walters tonight and I shouldn't have watched it  'cause she broke my heart.  :-(
Okay, maybe I'm being harsh with myself but I'm just not happy with my newest creation.   In the interest of being honest, I have proof here that I don't always get it right.   Anatomy of a swing and a miss:

First I did this sketch, and it came easy and I really liked it.  

On a totally different note (*changing subject* ) I'm trying an experiment and listing some masks on E-bay.  Good time of year for it, and I thought it'd be good exposure to a wider market so...*shrug*.  I put up a black wolf, a gray wolfAnubis, and Bast.   Of course in my present mood I'm a bit trepidatious because I know people are often looking for bargains on E-bay and I'm NOT going to play that prices are my prices (though just 'tween us chickens I am setting my reserve below my usual asking price on my personal I suppose someone may see that as a bit of a bargain).   They've been up for a day and I have a number of bids on them already, so that's cool I guess.  At least people are looking at them.  Guess we'll see how it goes.

Keep your fingers crossed.  I know it's a little thing really, but to me it's just another thing that could potentially go wrong and I need a little success sometime soon.  It'd be nice.  :-)

So, this is my latest project.

Cherry Blossom Dragon.  Technically, it's the "spring" dragon in my dragon plaque series, but it's so different in composition from the others that it sort of stands alone.

Everything you see there is leather.  The plaque itself is wood, but I stretch black suede over it.  The branches are gold acrylic paint.  The leaves, the flowers and the dragon are all sculpted leather, pieced together.  I used amber crackle glass beads for the eyes.

Here's the head up close.  Little blurry...*shrug*.  I'm especially pleased with the head because at the last minute I decided to add extra eyebrow and nose ridge bits.  Asian dragons all seem to have lots of dangly crap all over their heads!  My original dragon head was too sleek.  So I jazzed it was fun!

I'm still too close to this piece to know if it's good or not.  I think it's pretty neat...but I've been slaving over it for days (and thinking about the design for a lot longer than that...since March!) so I just can't be objective.  Anyway, it does what I wanted it to do, I think.  I'd like to add a large "pearl" to the dragon's claw...something big and shiny for him to be carrying...but maybe next time.  I definitely need to do another one of these.


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