You know what's impossible to find?  A good rocking chair! 

Chair shopping...victory! )


i lift )

Also, I give you gratuitous doggie pictures, because it's been a while since Kiba showed his pretty face in my LJ.
I had the front door propped open while I was sweeping out the front hall, & he just stretched out at the door & watched the street.  People were walking their dogs (their little yappy dogs that yap yapped at Kiba) but he just lay there all unperturbed like he could care less.  Silly little soupdogs.  You gotta love huskies.  They have the most incredible personalities. 

It's a lovely day.  Lifting again later (I know it's tempting fate to go two days in a row but it felt so good yesterday) and then a bike ride.  *sigh*  Oh spring...don't you go teasing me again, you hear?

*smooch*  Love you all.  ^_^


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