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2009-04-13 01:24 pm

Meri is a super busy house monkey...

Ohhhh this weekend.  It almost killed me.

I survived Easter (there would be no holidays for my family if it weren't for me) and even managed to make some items to list on Etsy...

A new Persian mask (you'll notice I made this one in my favorite colors).  Three of 'em, in fact, since I also made them with burgundy and green.  I listed one on DevArt a week ago & people went nuts for it, so I thought I had better make a few.  They're in Etsy right now.

Also in Etsy; a huge whack of custom orders.  Which is GOOD (assuming I didn't get anything wrong...heh) because my shop has been dead for over a week.  Seriously...one sale in a week & it was a barrette.  What gives?  I guess I'll need to run another FaceBook ad soon.  *le sigh*  Oh well...it's only money. 

Oh, you know...I'd love to be witty & entertaining right now, but I've been photographing/photoshopping/listing/writing copy/cross promoting for over three hours now & I think I'm done.  Really, very weary right now, and I have to drive Char to the mall because she's off this week & is "bored".  I wish I had the time to be bored! 

I think I'll stop at the gym on my way back from the mall...