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([personal profile] merimask May. 20th, 2009 12:22 pm)

Well, I'm in for it now.  You all know what a technological luddite I am, right?  And yet, I was SO compelled to play Ratchet & Clank; Quest For Booty (it's only available as a download from Playstation Online) that I had Greg hook up the PS3 to the internet.  We can do that now, 'cause we have wireless.

And now there is a whole huge motherlode of games that I can buy right off of my darn TV basically.  Because it was SO easy to buy & download this game!  OMG.  I am in so much trouble. 

I guess it's the wave of the future though...why would you want stacks of boxes and discs when you can just load the game right into your device?  It makes sense...

In other news, I am not well.  :-(  Some kind of stomach/intestinal thing.  I can no longer ignore it because I am bloated and miserable, with chills and possibly a fever.  I have no idea what it is, but I wish it would go away.  My bike ride yesterday...nearly a disaster.  Woe!  I'm so hungry but I'm afraid to eat anything, because it'd be like adding fuel to the fire.  Damn.  And it's a beautiful day too. 

Here's something funny that Charlotte e-mailed me.   Whiffle Ball Tony.  Political and hilarious audio clip...very short; you have to listen.  ^_^"  I love it that the kid and I have the same taste in political humor.  She's through with Rugby Tyler and on to the next boyfriend, by the way.  I've decided that I have to stop writing about them in my journal (the boyfriends), because it's like I curse them or something.   I need a freaking score card (and a flow chart) to keep up with her; she's formidable this year. 

Anyway...yeah.  Even though I feel awful, I just know I'm going to try to exercise today anyway, because I'm stubborn like that.  Hopefully it won't go all tragic and graphic on me.  Hmm.

EDIT:  Hey, I still have both one of those Dreamwidth codes available.  Anyone?

From: [identity profile]

D: Feel better.

Sure, I'll take one. *will use it to talk about sex or something*

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We can do that with our Wii, and there's a program called Steam for the PC and XBox that work the same way. In my experience, they're usually very reliable.

Not that that's good news for your pocketbook. Or mine. Or anyone's.

Sorry to hear you're sick; I just got over a cold myself.

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It took a long time to download the game (like, two hours!) but the quality is amazing and now I want MOOOOORE! And yes, I said the same thing: "Well I guess I know where all my expendable income is going, now".

Really, it's a very clever way to market the games and with no packaging/production costs you can buy them for a heck of a lot less than they cost in the stores. Also, add ons! OMG add ons for games you already own...there are So Many. Extra levels, power-ups, just so much out there.

It's very dangerous!

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I hope you feel better soon! REST, will you! ;)

I've never bothered to spend my money on a gaming system (figuring that it's too expensive and/or I'd end up spending all my time playing games!), but I'm seriously considering buying a Wii so I can get the Wii Fit stuff. God knows I need to find a way to make exercise semi-interesting.

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I'm not so good at taking it easy. :-) Fortunately I feel better today. It must have been viral.

I really love playing games, but I do try to avoid them because they are time suckers. That's why I like puzzle-solving games best; you can work on them for a half hour and put them down. I've seen Greg waste hours in front of the TV on some RPG (which he always ends up swearing at & stalking away from anyway).

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