Today is even colder than yesterday!  Augh!  Charlotte stayed home...twenty below zero (windchill...the actual temp is a balmy -1) is just too cold to be out & about.  July feels very far away right now.  Summer is like a dream I had once.  I'm living in a frozen world.

I have a neat commission; a lion like this...

but in the green & brass "verdigris" if it were an old bronze lion statue.  I think it's going to be very neat!  I probably won't carve all the little hairs 'cause a statue would be smooth, and I'll put accents of bright bronze on places like the nose, forehead, ears...places that would remain shiny from being touched.  Oh, it's going to be fun to work on!  Cutting & carving it today, maybe shaping too. 

I sent out a half-dozen inquiries for press ops yesterday.  One magazine wants to photograph my masks.  The last photoshoot "opportunity" was such a hassle...I'm not sure.  Still, it's an opportunity & I shouldn't balk at that.  I've seen my brother in action & learned from him that if only 10% of the opportunities you reach for actually turn into something solid, you're doing pretty good.  So...yeah.

on self-preservation. )
I have things to make!  Leather to order, lions to cut out, ducks to line up in a neat productive row...  Busy busy!   

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