The two cats are below, see?

A new Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat)...I shaded the orange this time instead of leaving a hard line...looks more like the porcelain "lucky cats" you see in Japan.

And here is the "aged bronze" Bast mask I was talking about making.  Notice how I did the two masks differently, even though they are both cats?  The Bast has a longer, narrower face with larger ears like a Siamese cat (Egyptian cat mummies show a cat with a body type very much like a modern Siamese).  The lucky cats all have big round cartoony-faces with cute silly ears, so I did that pattern in that vein.  Details!  These two are up in Etsy already.

Teenagers. Nature's way of reminding us adult children to be kind to our parents. )
*sigh*  Anyway.  Head hurts.  Good morning.  Going to bed now. 

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