Happy St. Paddy's Day!  I...am not Irish so I'm not wearing any green.   Well, unless you count the green in my Batikwalla hoodie.

Spring has shown up for a few days here and it is glorious.  I went for a bike ride yesterday and I'm going again today 'cause it's like 60 degrees out there!  My "injury" is all healed up, (huzzah), and that's a good thing, because I want to do a longer trail today.  I went about 13 miles yesterday and I'm only a bit sore...I am SO out of practice! 

It's funny; last November I was SO sad & blue on my last bike ride because I knew it was all ending.  It was a beautiful day just the same, with green grass and bright sunshine.  Yesterday was even cooler than my last bike ride in November was, and the grass is all flat & dead & trees are bare & ice in the river...but still I was MUCH happier.  I rejoiced at every bug I saw (even the ones that hit me in the face!).  The sun is angled higher, the air smells like spring, & things are only going to get better from now on, weather-wise.  I know I wouldn't love spring and summer as much as I do if there wasn't a winter.

Here is that hemp necklace I made, by the way...

See the teeny knots?  That hemp cord was more like hemp thread, really...
 I even experimented with two different kinds of knots.  :-)  It was fun, really, & not bad for a first attempt.  In case you missed it, you can buy the glorious Beach Heart glass bead at Mary Jarvis' Etsy shop.  She is truly amazing.

I need to make another cord for Mel's pendant.   Hmm...

I'm working on a big fantasy fox mask (sort of like my very popular wolf)...I think it's going to be awesome.  I cut it out last night...it needs to be carved & shaped & just, everything.    But not today!  Today is for long-distance bike riding & possibly a little sunburn.    Life is GOOD.

Enjoy your day...I hope it's as pleasant as mine is!  ^_^

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