OMG what a beautiful day!  First of all, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my daughter Charlotte who is 16 today!   16 years ago, right about now (high noon) I gave birth to my one & only girl.  ^_^  Wow...time does fly!  Pictures coming of the birthday celebration (where you get to see her new cute Asian boyfriend; he looks just like anime!  She's cycling through significant others at an alarming rate lately...good for her I say).

Ahem.  Yes!  And!  I LOVE my newest masks!  FireFoxes!

Isn't that the cutest fox mask ever?  I mean, I just can't be modest about it...I love this mask!  Available on Etsy of course.

More art, and the wisdom of the Bodhisattva Path )
I'm on my second cup of coffee!  Time to head out for a bike ride with Kiba.  It's cold as heck but the sun is shining so cheerfully that I simply have to bundle up and go.    ^_^ 

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