This crazy up & down spring we are having is kicking my ass. Seriously, I don't know from one day to the next if it is April, June or January.

I thought the bunnies ate all my crocuses but I guess a few made it...

The crocuses, they make me happy.

The bike riding is going well but is monstrously painful in the cold windy weather ( I know Golden_meliades knows exactly what I'm talking about, here). I did a short set yesterday, followed by fifteen miles on a trail. I intentionally picked a wooded trail to protect from the wind, but since the trees are still bare they don't offer much protection. Ooooh it hurt.

I take a handful of carefully folded tissues 'cause my nose runs so much in the cold that I have to keep stopping & blowing my nose. It's not glamorous OR attractive. I feel like I'm getting stronger but I also feel like taking a hot bath & going to bed after every bike ride.

There's this new dude out there on the bike paths. I've seen him three times so far, on two different trails. He's kind of fascinatiing! A little guy, not much over 5'6". His face looks like he's 70ish, but he has the body of a 20 year old Olympic athlete. He wears all the professional spandex racing gear of a professional cyclist & rides like a serious athlete on a really nice racing bike. Also, he has really long white hair, REALLY long. Like, to his waist probably, & it flows out from under his helmet like a flag when he rides 'cause he's fast.

He waved at me yesterday 'cause he probably recognized me too (after a while, you get to know everyone who does the trails)...I really want to talk to him! How long has he been racing? How far does he go (once I saw him on my creek trail, & an hour later he was on the river trail, 20 miles away...did he ride the whole thing or pack his bike on a car & drive there like I did) ? How old is he, & why the long hair?

Seriously, he's my favorite mystery on the trails this year so far. He's like a 70 year old Olympic cyclist/pirate! I have no idea...maybe he's European? He looks like someone my Dad would have been friends with (Dad like quirky people & cyclists in equal measure).

People are alternately frustrating & wonderful & mysterious...a lot like this Spring.

Speaking of wonderful people, President Obama read "Where The Wild Things Are" to a bunch of children at the White House yesterday. That is my alltime favorite children's book, ever. Apparently a kid was frightened & cried (what the heck??) but it seriously fills me with glee that in almost every way, this president appeals to me on a personal level. I'd totally be friends with the president...I think we'd get along great. ^_^

Let the wild rumpus begin!


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